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Hello folks.  You may have noticed that this post is not by the venerable Ralph.  He of course is in Italy either having a vacation or on some sort of work release program, based on the pictures he sent me.  Check them out for yourself and see what you think.

 Note the handcarts that Ralph must be using to shuttle things around Italy.

  This is the dock where Ralph takes pictures for people and offers his luggage shuttle service.

  And I believe this is a view from his cell hotel, where he can hear those confounded gondoliers crooning day and night.  And is it just me or is that an outboard motor on that boat?  I thought you had to use a pole and a goofy hat to get around Venice.

Of course Ralph just sent me the pictures with no explanations, so I am guessing on all of these.  Maybe I should make this a caption contest.  Anyway, Onto the NEWS!

United States of America

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You know, there is a reason that I don’t watch the news.  It is damn depressing.  I didn’t search very far to find a plethora of despair and foolishness abounding in these United States of America.  If you notice, all of this crap is based from one site here in Salt Lake.  I shudder at what the future holds for us.


Police use Twitter to announce sex offender arrival

All I can say to this is I guess it will be a while longer before I let my kids use Twitter.  It is bad enough that sex-offenders have to announce it to their neighbors, but now,  the government will do it for you!

5 ways to get control of your teens’ cellphone usage

First things first, you want to control how much your teen uses their phone, dont give them a phone in the first place!  I am currently in the adamantly opposed camp of kids having cell phones.  There are several people around me that say things like “How do you know where your kids are” and “how can you keep them safe?”  Like me knowing where my kids are and being able to call them is not only a bit Big Brother but is it really going to keep them safe?  There will be a night that is snowing and icy and I am calling my teenager and they are trying to answer the phone and then the car spins out of control on the freeway and hits an embankment.  I guess I can give EMS the number so they can track down the car and my child’s lifeless body inside.  Whatever happened to trusting your kids?  I remember my mom saying “Stay in the neighborhood and come back for dinner”  that was all it took.  I stayed fairly close and I was ok.  When I got older I was fine telling my parents where I was going and they trusted me.  For the most part.  I think a lot of that trust was because they knew who I was.  They had spent time with me enough that they knew I wasn’t going to the den of sin every time I said I was at work.  maybe that is where this “Give the kid a cell phone” thing comes in, many parents don’t trust their kids because they barely know who they are.   I have spent most of the last 11 years at home raising my kids so I think I have a pretty good handle on who they are becoming.  And no matter how much they beg, they will not be getting cell phones any time soon.  They will just have to use their imaginations and come up with games that are not generated on a screen.  They will just have to deal with the fact that I can guess where they are going.  And don’t get me started on texting….

Thieves steal donations from local charity

All I want to say to this is firing squad.  How bad off are you to steal from a charity, and one that helps those with mental illness?  This sounds like kids doing the thievery but that is no excuse.  I am all in favor of public executions in the town square, broadcast live on TV, with a fine imposed or even a bench warrant issued if you don’t check in and watch.

Storms demolish small towns in Ind., Ky.; 34 dead

Mother Nature in yet another chilling reminder that we will never beat her.  God bless those who are affected….

Q&A: Google to dig deeper into users’ lives

Hi, have you met Big Brother er the Gestapo er the Communist party er Google??????  What sounds like a good idea to some sounds like just another way for the government to bend us over the barrel and scrutinize every little thing we do.  If this keeps up, it won’t be long before the First Amendment is a quaint footnote to history.

Disney forced to shut down anti-obesity exhibit amid criticisms

This one bothered the hell out of me.  First, Disney has put up a display to help kids lead healthier lives.  Not a bad idea.  Seems many places are doing it, the NFL has the Play 60 campaign and there are other get outside and play movements going on.  Even on my Wii once in a while it says to take a break and go outside.  Here Disney is trying to do this.  and there is a National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance in this country???  WTF???  Really?  First off I am myself overweight but I am working hard to get rid of that weight.  I really want to be able to play with my grandkids in the future so being dead is not in the plan.  But, I know that I did it to myself.  I ate too much fast food and didn’t move around enough over the last few years.  Hell I spent basically 3 years sitting on my fat ass in the hospital or in the dialysis clinic with my daughter stuffing my pie hole with shit.  Not literally, of course, but here I am now.  This is another sad statement of society where there can exist a National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance, so people can just feel better about themselves and try to get the government to pay for their electric scooters.  Get out and walk around Disney World a few times and quit accepting fat as a handicap.

Father sues school district over son’s injuries

This story is high on my list of crap.  When I was a kid we would take sleds to school and ride the hills down to the mud and then slide some more.  If we got hurt, too bad Charlie, you weren’t careful enough.  This kid hit a rock and broke his jaw?  Why go down head first?  This would have happened if there was an adult there or not, the kid was being dumb.  Back in the day, kids were dumb.  You learned to be smart by flipping over the handlebars or skinning your knees with the roller skates or falling off of a sled.  Who should be responsible for this?  Couldn’t possibly be the kid, or even his parents who haven’t taught him how to slide down a hill with little snow on it.  It must be the school.  And the district.  I call Bullshit and hope that the judge not only throws the case out, but charges the father all of the court costs.  And if he doesn’t pay, teach him how to slide face first into that prison mattress…I’m just saying.


Well folks, I hope that you have been somewhat enlightened today and still find the CNS your source for news.  Ralph may be back next week if he does enough community service in Venice, or spends enough money so that they let him leave.  If not, I will be back next week.  And there may be video…

So, for today, Goodnight from the CNS…



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  7 Responses to “CNS for Mar 4, 2012, Fat, Clumsy kids with Cell Phones and the Google Big Brother”

  1. Wow, you may get the CNS job. That’s more stories than I find in a month. I’m of the kids don’t need cell phones school but that’s probably just beccause our kids moved out before cell phones became essential (when they took out all the pay phones).
    Interesting interpretation on the photos. Most of them were taken looking for my wife who got lost in vaporetto hell. One lesson is that there are two ‘2’ lines. Haven’t figured out the Italian logic about that.

  2. The bad part is two fold. I saw one story the day before but didn’t bookmark it so I found about 12 others looking for that one. I had to cut it down, and that is only from one site. The news is, well, overly negative and depressing.

    As far as your vaporetto problem, (venice’s water buses if you didn’t know, thanks google) beats me. Probably too much pasta.

  3. Justin,
    I see my problem. I keep looking for good news. Good news! After a downer day with a sore back and aching knees, I rested this morning and went out this afternoon. Went slow until we stopped for coffee, transitioned into
    Bellinis then all was well.

  4. Beautiful photos! Italy must be so beautiful…It’s the cradle of our culture…I wish I ever had the chance to get there…

    • Julie,
      There aren’t words to describe Venice. You just have to go – and 10 days only scratches the surface.

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  6. Thanks so much for your contribution. I aiptecpare the dialog. I promise to sit with a CPA if you promise to reread my statements. I assure you my O’ level in accounts and college courses in management and accounts is all I ever wanted to do in that field. It also is all I needed to fully grasp and interpret the article, as written by CNS.Nowhere did I suggest that sales revenues increased BY 15.9M. If you reread it, what am actually trying to say, and I thank you if it was not clear to you, that the increase presented a 15.9m in-take to CUC. I go on to indicate that am not sure if it is net or gross. My question would be: how many companies can brag of sales revenues being 15.9M for the first three months in 2012?! You mention my first quote does not reference 2011, but rather 2012. I do not get your point. I am crystal clear on what year they are referring. It is the reason why I start my piece with the words: it’s important to note the date.I believe your entire comment is a red herring. Meant to divert attention from the very real concerns I have. For you, I shall list them:1) CUC is seeking to raise their rate(s)2) CUC made a whopping 15.9M in the first 3 months of 20123) CUC posted millions in profits last year4) CUC’s attempt to raise their rates will mean a cost of living increase for everyone5) CUC is greedy and unconscionable to even think of doing this now6) CUC would appear to want to carry no costs for doing business accounts thought me this is called Cost of Goods Sold (COGS). That line item on their books must look really nice. I bet it’s just the fuel cost ok am being bad there. But the point remains the same.7) I am hopeful that ERA will outright reject their request.How is that? I am hopeful it’s succinct enough and that I may not need a CPA again. I challenge you to dispute any of the above bullet points as inaccurate or blatant misquotes.Thanks again. Please come often. Oh and thanks for your kind words.

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