Mar 092012
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Have you ever been sitting down doing something and realize that you  forgot to do something else that you promised yourself you would do?  Yea that is this post.  For some reason I have been a day behind all week.  Today does not seem like Friday.  Wednesday didn’t feel like Wenesday either and now I have 2 overdue books at the library.

So what to do?  just put something out there?  Bah.  that is bad blogging.  so I will ask a question, What do you do when you forget a post or something similar?  Do you hurry and get something out or just skip it?  I want to know down there in the comments.  As for me, I am going to hurry and scratch something out.  There have been way too many times that I have just skipped it.

I look forward to seeing responses to this.  Now I have to get back to the news…there is a doozy coming for Sunday.



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  1. I don’t know. Smoke a joint? Or is that too ’60s?

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