Mar 192013
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Do you REALLY want the US to be a “poor” nation?  We will be, unless…

You know, President Obama… Along with his minions in Congress (Democrats and Republicans alike) have suddenly decided that the cuts, you know… The cuts that were gonna be caused by the sequester, the cuts that Congress would work hard to avoid by actually getting something done (yeah, right…on what planet will that happen?), the cuts that are’nt really cuts… Are all of a sudden “draconian cuts”.

President Obama’s minions have worked very hard to intentionally make it appear that these horrific cuts will damage the nation, the economy, the poor, and of course… The children.

They always say it’s about the children.

The FDA now tells us that our food will be less safe, because they have to lay off food inspectors. (As if they did any good, anyway).

Anyway, I thought it might be nice to look at exactly how the government decides that these draconian cuts are going to destroy the country… How these draconian cuts are going to make the government less able to function this year than it did last year (as though it actually functioned well last year… NOT!)

Don’t be surprised while you’re watching the video to find out that what the government considers a cut and what real people consider a cut are two dramatically different things.
Here’s a newsflash folks.

President Obama, the Senate (including, probably, your senator) the House of Representatives (including, probably, your representative), and every single member of the Obama cabinet can only be described with three words:

bald faced liars.

Folks, you better wake up. You better do something. You better do something now. All you have to do to see where this is headed is look at what happened in Europe already this week. The European Union just ordered the banks and European countries to seize the assets of account owners. In Cyprus, banks were ordered to seize all assets over $35,000.

I suppose in Cyprus. If you have more than $35,000. You’re one of the evil rich.

Now, you have to ask yourself a question:

just how long are you going to put up with this shit?

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CNS for August 19,2012

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Aug 192012
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Today I’m getting personal

The good news this week is personal. It is my anniversay.  There ought to be a song somewhere that is worthy but if there is, I don’t know it. You could call it ’40 years with the right woman’ and peg it but even if somebody would write it and then find just the right crooner to sing it, who would listen. Let’s face it , marriage is old news and boring these days. So boring and old that everywhere you go, people are pushing for changes- man marrying man, woman marrying woman, men marrying pets. It is a new world.  The old fashioned notion of a man and woman paring up long term to make a life and raise a family is so lame these days.  Just like me.

Back in 1972 when I was still trying to be cool and hip, it finally occurred to me that my best shot in life was the woman who had followed me to California and that if I didn’t grab her before she found out what a poser I really was, I might never find another. We got married 40 years ago. No big wedding. Just us, two friends and a minister followed by a small reception at our penthouse apartment in West LA. We honeymooned on Catalina Island. We were real jet setter alright.

The day of the wedding I remember driving to the ceremony listening to Ricky Nelson, complaining about being a has been.

Anyway, forty years with the right woman isn’t all roses and lollipops because the right woman makes you stand up when you want to hide and do what you have to do whether you like it or not.

Nobody ever tells you that the good things in life are the ones you fight for; the ones that don’t just happen. Those good things are what make you forget what you went though to reach the goal. So while I sit here today feeling proud of my marriage, I can’t forget that there were many times I wanted to bail and do something easy. So if there is any good news today, it is to tell you that whatever there is that is keeping you from making the woman who committed to you happy, throw it out. It won’t matter to you in the future but your marriage will.



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Aug 122012
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Too Darn Hot!

Can’t we all just get along?

The environment is a hot topic these days. Everybody worries about it. Is it changing? Is that change caused by man? What should we do? There aren’t any clear answers to any of those questions but there are opinionated people with a mission to save humanity or the Earth from a dire future and they are very busy bees. While I can be concerned about climate changes, I can’t understand where the idea that man can cause or ameliorate those changes comes from. Man doesn’t have an impressive track record.  We know that in recent times, the Earth has experienced Ice Ages and that the climate has changed over recorded history in less dramatic ways. Nothing I study suggests that man had anything to do with climate change in history or that today is any different. Many people have developed correlation studies involving various components of the atmosphere and temperature but nothing so far suggests causation. If this has happened before and man wasn’t responsible, why should this time be any different?

As this Coot sees it, it’s all a big diversion and just one more way for progressives to justify creating a nosy and imperious government program to save us from ourselves. Each day we seem to get further and further entangled in a big government straight jacket. We pay for it and accept rules and guidelines that cost us money, limit our freedoms and purport to save the threatened enviroment. But has it made a difference?  I say no it hasn’t.  It has created a big diversion for people which keeps them from worrying about real life problems that they have the power to manage.  People feel good but everything is worse.

Blame Fossil Fuels

Today, all fossil fuels are declared evil by devious and tortured logic that has been repeated so many times that everybody believes it. They have convinced us that somehow we can ‘save the planet’ if we can eliminate fossil fuels like oil and coal. This lunacy has given us we ethanol to replace oil.   Now, corn which used to be used for food is  diverted to become an energy source. Ethanol costs an arm and a leg, burns badly in engines and disrupts the economy but that doesn’t matter.  When the govenement gets involved, economics becomes irrelevant because tax dollars are diverted to subsidize the cost. When did you tell the government to spend your tax dollars on boondoggles?  No wonder taxes are so high.  Nobody knows the real cost and everybody feels good. Still there are consequences.

Biogas Boom Threatens Future of Germany’s Shepherds

Congress’s wrongheaded approach to drought relief

And speaking about drought, heaven forbid that you take charge and create your own water supply from rain that falls on your property.

Man Sentenced to 30 Days for Catching Rain Water

What were you thinking?

So what can you do? Only big goverement has enough money (yours) and authority (big regulations) to save the envorment. Isn’t there anything that a lone individual can do? Is there anyplace where one man can make a difference? Is there any hope for the individual in the new kinder gentler American where nobody is allowed to fail and everybody is prevented from succeeding? Is there anyplace left to matter?

Want To Help the Environment? Go Shoot a Pig

I think I’ve found my mission. Anybody up for  a hunt?


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Aug 052012
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Where is the Summer Going? 

Welcome to the August 5 edition of the Coot’s News Service where we tell you the news that won’t make you want to hide in the closet. Where to start?  What say we take a bite out of crime.?


View of Downtown focused around the Goldman Sa...

View of Downtown focused around the Goldman Sachs Tower (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It seems that Mayor Bloomberg, not satisfied with telling New Yorkers what they can eat wants to leave another legacy when he moves on to better things. He has teamed up with Goldman Sachs to fight crime and if they succeed everybody wins. Imagine that!  Juvenile offenders stay out of jail and reform their ways, Goldman Sachs makes money and so do the taxpayers. It is just too good to be true.

Billionaires See Profit in Prisons, But It’s a Good Thing This Time

There is good news in robotics as well. It may not do anything to make your life better today but a new robotic hand may make life better for all of us in the future.

Dextrous robotic hand gets thumbs up

This last story isn’t exactly good news, just interesting. It seems that the Germans have a new invasion from North America. It’s not the barbaric, tasteless Americans either. It is cute, four-legged creatures with masks and the Germans have only themselves to blame.

Germany Overrun by Hordes of Masked Omnivores

The Masked Invaders

Happy August from the Coots. Bob promised to get back in the saddle (Yeah, I know we have heard that one before.) Justin, the harried stay at home Dad is too busy getting ready for school right now although I expect that the experience will provide many cantankerous moments to share. I can’t believe that kids go back to school in August these days. I don’t know how they have the nerve to call it Summer vacation when it has shrunk to the month of July. Kids should go on strike. And this all makes me wonder how the schools can complain about not having enough money and threatening to shorten the school year continue to make it longer and longer. Something doesn’t compute. I couldn’t be happier that my kids are all through with school.

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Jul 292012
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Down with Conventional Wisdom 


EXPERT (Photo credit: Pete Prodoehl)

One thing that starts to bug you as you get along in years is conventional wisdom- those things that everybody knows to be true but are actually wrong. What makes you suspicious is that over time the story changes. Those ‘experts’ who somehow make a living pretending they know what is best just suddenly tell a different story and pretend that it is the same one.  Not that ‘experts’ ever admit the switch. They just do it. And then, what is even more amazing, it seems that nobody ever notices. We just bounce right on over to the new story without skipping a beat.

Sooner or later you’ve had enough.  After you have this pulled on you a few times, you start to rebel. You wonder who made those ‘experts’ experts. You begin to think that maybe they don’t know as much as they think they do. Woody Allen noticed this years ago.  I’m not a great fan of Woody but as you probably know, even a stopped clock is right twice a day.

Today, health experts are certain that they know what you should eat, how you should cook it and we don’t question.  These days the buzz is about raw- food, not WWF.  We’ve all been conditioned to the idea that the best vegetables are raw or cooked as little as

English: Cut Green Beans Español: Habichuelas ...

English: Cut Green Beans Español: Habichuelas o ejotes, preparados y listos para servir (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

possible. We are told that they are better for us, better tasting and beautiful. Like the sheep that we are trained to be, we buy it. Nowadays everyone makes fun of the overcooked vegetables favored traditionally by the British as gray, tasteless and mushy. Few remember the Southern tradition of cooking vegetables for hours with ham fat. We shudder at the mention because we have been brainwashed to think that eating animal fat is unhealthy. Those beans may taste good but beware the heart attack that will surely follow. Maybe so but I remain suspicious of studies that confuse correlation with causation.  There is another way to cook green beans.

You’re Doing It Wrong: Green Beans

And while we are talking about health myths, aren’t you tired of people telling you how unhealthy modern life is? Aren’t you sick of people telling you to run around and shoot your food instead of going to the supermarket – or even calling in for delivery. Those flipping ‘experts’ would have you believe that you are killing yourself because you have an office job when you ought to be out running down a rabbit. Well the next time you hear that,

hunter gatherers are hot

give them a healthy one finger salute and get on with your life. They’ve got it all wrong.  Couch potatoes are just fine, thank you very much.

Are couch potatoes as fit as ‘hunter-gatherers’?

And finally, are you sick of people telling you that you need to create meaningless and cryptic passwords? Have you given up because you can’t possibly remember arbitrary strings of letters? Well relax because it’s actually much simpler than the experts tell you.

Make strong passwords the easy way

So start the week with a healthy skepticism about anything the ‘experts’ tell you. Chances are you’ve got a better handle on the right thing to do than any of those self-righteous know-it-all’s. Forget about them and their advice. Do it your own way.

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Ralph is the inspiration for Cantankerous Old Coots and is our Grand Duke of Cantankerousness

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