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This will be a site dedicated to men and women who want to remember how it used to be, when people could say and so what they wanted to.  Then you were expected to tell someone they were stupid and they had to adapt.

We are dedicated to reviving the free speech ideals that have been corrupted and forced into dormancy by “political correctness” and all of that feel good, don’t hurt my feelbads, I am not responsible BS that is so prevalent in our society.

There will be Consortium of Coots adding content and value!

The first of the coots are here:

Ralph Carlson: Check him out at http://ralphcarlsonblog.com/wordpress

And of course  Justin Matthews at http://justinsbrainpan.com

Bob Hayles has finally found his home here at Cantankerous Old Coots.

He has his own blog over at http://juicymaters.com but felt the pull and joined us a kindred, yet cantankerous soul.

We also have incurred 2 female coots as of May 2010!  They are currently on hiatus, but we expect them back at any time.

First, Jenn Jinright who blogs over at http://gurls-asylum.us

And secondly, Jillian, who is trying her hardest to make decent online cash at http://5kmission.com

There will be more coots and guest coots,

Please come back and enjoy the Cantankerous Content!

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