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Nurture your cantankerous side

with Lessons for Cantankerous Old Coots

The Cantankerous Old Coots Lessons are the best place to nurture your own cantankerous spirit.   Since the lessons are dispersed throughout the site with no central reference point, COC provides this page listing all the lessons with links.  Now you no longer have to search for lessons.  You can use this page to find the lesson you need when you need it.

Lesson One- Let it out.

Lesson Two- We Don’t Care What You Think.

Lesson Three- Polite is Overrated.

Lesson Four- Say it when you feel it.

Lesson Five- Let Your Face Show what you feel.



Or not

with Lessons for Sanctimonious Old Sheep

Lesson One- Embrace the Uniformity

Lesson Two- Don’t think at all

Lesson Three- Polite is Everything

Lesson Four-  Bite Your Toungue

Lesson Five- Never let them see.

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