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Escaped sheep being led back in to a pasture w...

Sheep are born to follow.

The role of a good sheep is to follow. Keep your head down; nose stuck in the butt of the sheep ahead. Don’t look around because you don’t want to know about anything that is off the beaten track. You don’t care where you are going so long as it’s where the crowd is. Don’t worry about what your destination will look like because it will look just like where you are now. So long as you stay with the herd it’s all good.: no muss, no fuss and no tension. The life of a sheep is secure, comfortable and stress-free. What more could you want?
You may have become a sheep after finding out that you aren’t cut out for the role of trailblazer or you might be following a family tradition. However you arrived at sheep hood, your troubles are over. It’s lonely on the path less traveled. It’s frustrating to try and fail and even harder to bounce back and hit it again. Why bother? How many times did you fall down before you embraced your mediocrity? One? Twenty? It doesn’t matter. Some sheep struggle. Others are born to follow. It doesn’t matter. The end is the same- a fat and happy life of blissful blandness. Life become placid and you are at peace with the world. You no longer accept any responsibility or blame for whatever happens. You stop worrying and striving. Life presents no more challenges. You experience no more frustration. Your mind is free from doubt. It is the way things should be.

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