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Sacred Cows and Sleeping Dogs-A Cantankerous Manifesto

By: Ralph Carlson

And shoot them dead!

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What’s Up?

It seems natural to start this blog with a bit of explanation.  Cantankerous Old Coots does evoke an image but beyond that, what would encourage a reader to come back?  Everybody probably has experience with a cantankerous old coot and most likely it was a family member – someone you couldn’t avoid and someone you didn’t seek out.  In my life there was my grandfather and my father-in-law.  Family events were always fun.
Blessed Relief

So why devote a whole blog to cantankerous old coots?  If you are like me you are fed up with mealy-mouthed, namby-pamby excusitis about the crazy screwed-up world we are stuck with.  Most of us are dependent on bosses we must suck up to and people we are supposed to respect.  “The customer is always right.” “The government is here to help.” “Together everybody achieves more.” “Yes, boss, whatever you say.”  All the while, inside you are screaming with revulsion but you can’t be honest because that would be negative.

Sanity in a crazy world

The goal here at COC is to create a small corner of sanity in the craziness of our lives where it is safe to scream, point fingers and shout “That’s crazy!”. Here is a place where you can make hamburgers out of sacred cows and send sleeping dogs running frantically into the ongoing traffic.  Here we can say that the Emperor has no clothes – and that he isn’t very well endowed to boot. So join in.  Vent and enjoy the unbridled cantankerousness of saying what you really think for once. If the chips are falling, it won’t be here.  Comment, offer to guest post and encourage the committed coots to free their hidden curmudgeon.

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