Aug 122012
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Too Darn Hot!

Can’t we all just get along?

The environment is a hot topic these days. Everybody worries about it. Is it changing? Is that change caused by man? What should we do? There aren’t any clear answers to any of those questions but there are opinionated people with a mission to save humanity or the Earth from a dire future and they are very busy bees. While I can be concerned about climate changes, I can’t understand where the idea that man can cause or ameliorate those changes comes from. Man doesn’t have an impressive track record.  We know that in recent times, the Earth has experienced Ice Ages and that the climate has changed over recorded history in less dramatic ways. Nothing I study suggests that man had anything to do with climate change in history or that today is any different. Many people have developed correlation studies involving various components of the atmosphere and temperature but nothing so far suggests causation. If this has happened before and man wasn’t responsible, why should this time be any different?

As this Coot sees it, it’s all a big diversion and just one more way for progressives to justify creating a nosy and imperious government program to save us from ourselves. Each day we seem to get further and further entangled in a big government straight jacket. We pay for it and accept rules and guidelines that cost us money, limit our freedoms and purport to save the threatened enviroment. But has it made a difference?  I say no it hasn’t.  It has created a big diversion for people which keeps them from worrying about real life problems that they have the power to manage.  People feel good but everything is worse.

Blame Fossil Fuels

Today, all fossil fuels are declared evil by devious and tortured logic that has been repeated so many times that everybody believes it. They have convinced us that somehow we can ‘save the planet’ if we can eliminate fossil fuels like oil and coal. This lunacy has given us we ethanol to replace oil.   Now, corn which used to be used for food is  diverted to become an energy source. Ethanol costs an arm and a leg, burns badly in engines and disrupts the economy but that doesn’t matter.  When the govenement gets involved, economics becomes irrelevant because tax dollars are diverted to subsidize the cost. When did you tell the government to spend your tax dollars on boondoggles?  No wonder taxes are so high.  Nobody knows the real cost and everybody feels good. Still there are consequences.

Biogas Boom Threatens Future of Germany’s Shepherds

Congress’s wrongheaded approach to drought relief

And speaking about drought, heaven forbid that you take charge and create your own water supply from rain that falls on your property.

Man Sentenced to 30 Days for Catching Rain Water

What were you thinking?

So what can you do? Only big goverement has enough money (yours) and authority (big regulations) to save the envorment. Isn’t there anything that a lone individual can do? Is there anyplace where one man can make a difference? Is there any hope for the individual in the new kinder gentler American where nobody is allowed to fail and everybody is prevented from succeeding? Is there anyplace left to matter?

Want To Help the Environment? Go Shoot a Pig

I think I’ve found my mission. Anybody up for  a hunt?


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