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Hello all.  You may be asking yourself why Justin is writing this post instead of Bob.  Ok it is more likely you didn’t even notice until I brought it up.  Anyway, our good friend Bob has been having some rather serious health issues as of late and spent this past weekend in the hospital.

These are the times people hope they have the best nurses who are skilled and who have taken online nursing classes.

The details are his to share but let me say that in the medical field, even the most simple and straightforward of things can be the most dangerous.  He spent the weekend in the hospital and should be out soon for some recovery before he goes back in again.  He will be spending far too much time, heck he has spent far too much time in hospitals already.

He told us he took his laptop with him to keep up on what is going on, but, I know how hard it was to use the computer when I was a visitor in the hospital with my daughter, much less the patient in a morphine daze.

Anyway, Bob being Bob, I know he will try to log on and see where the internet is leaving him so I would ask all of you reading this post right here, right now, to comment and send Bob your get well wishes.  You can always email him as well, bob@cantankerousoldcoots.com.  Let him know you are thinking of him and we hope he will make a speedy recovery and get back to writing here and over at JuicyMaters.com.

Thanks for reading.


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Justin is the young Coot with a Cantankerous Soul who continues to be educated by older, more cootish Ralph and Bob. His Cantankerosity is his own.

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  7 Responses to “On Hospital gowns and pain meds:”

  1. Justin,
    From my recent experience, nothing good comes from spending time in hospitals. Since certain treatments can only be provided by staying there, it’s a matter of one step forward and two steps back. You go when the one step forward is the only way to keep from falling off the track completely but you pay for it in spades.
    I believe that Bob can be depended upon to get himself home ASAP but meanwhile we all need to have his back.

  2. Reporting from 6N at Piedmont Hospital:

    Here’s the deal folks. Some moderate altered mental state (fancy medical term for slightly nuts) issues turned out to be clogged carotid arteries. Decision was made Friday to admit me to hospital for neurological evaluation and surgery Friday night if on verge of stroke, or put on blood thinner drip till Monday surgery if nt critical. Second option was chosen.

    The weekend gave docs a lot of time to order a multitude of tests beyond looking at carotids. A closer carotid inspection showed occlusion too bad for surgery…I just have to live with the mental issues and take blood thinners from now on.

    Those other tests turned up another problem though. Now, Monday evening, I am awaiting an angiogram tomorrow that MAY allow stenting during the procedure, or MAY show a need for invasive surgery (translation: a knife fight with one participant sedated) that would be done either immediately after or on Wednesday.

    If stenting does the trick, I’ outta here on Wednesday. If more invasive crap is needed, I’m in here for 3-5 days of recovery, then 3 weeks of pretty much nothing at home…but I can still post if I feel up to it.

    Either way, prayers are appreciated. I trust my doc, but he can always use the extra help from The Big Guy.

    More after anesthesia wears off tomorrow.

    • Glad you are able to drop by Bob, continued good luck on this week. I think one of the worst things about the hospital is the testing and waiting and the maybe we will do this maybe not. what you’re going to do it right now?!?!? yea. keep in touch, prayers are with you. sometimes I think that is the only way we ever made it through.

  3. Justin,
    One of the worst things about hospitals is that they are constantly waking you up to see if you are ok. Bob will need time to recover once he gets out. I hope that when they get this all fixed and Bob is back home, he doesn’t become normal.

  4. Wednesdqay, 10:45am:

    I’m about to try to escape. Wish me luck!

  5. Some video sneaked out of the hospital. Wish Bob well.


  6. Bob, I always read these articles from the weekly update. Glad to see you back online.

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