Jul 292014
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No this isn’t another post about crap….per se.  This is about being a decent neighbor.  We have lived in this house now for a little over a year and in that time we have gotten very tired of our neighbors.  Well one set that lives next door.  They don’t bother us very much as far as direct interaction but, they are a pain in the proverbial ass.

What is that smell???  Oh yea, the old meat wrappers on the side of the BBQ grill that are marinating in the 100 degree heat.

What is that?  a 2 year old girl running naked in the front yard?  Oh, a naked 5 year old boy following?  Ummmm Parents?  Babysitter?  Oh there she is smoking on the front porch talking on the phone.  Oh the older kids are home from school, let the screaming, profanity laden put downs begin!

And then we will get into trash.  It doesn’t seem to matter whether they hit the large, black, city provided trash can.  Inevitably, their garbage blows into our yard.  And they can’t be bothered to pick it up can they?

My son is terrified of thier little devil chiuaua that he is sure will kill him where he stands.  I told him to place kick the thing, and if it bit him, I would take them back a little chiuaua corpse.  They didn’t like that.  Why?  Well they were out on the porch smoking again and over heard.  They always seem to be out there.

And then there are the police.  We have been sitting in the living room watching TV several times when the city police show up next door.

Now like I said, we usually leave them alone.  We don’t do much but the neighbor on the other side seems to have a mortal blood feud going.  I don’t know many details, but our neighbors but up a huge banner to block off her house from theirs the other day.  It seemed low rent and petty, therefore perfect.

I can’t wait to move again.  Any experiences with bad neighbors out there?  I would love to hear some stories, you know, down in the comments and all.

And then I see it is Labor Day.  Have a great one and remember the workers.  I have some applesauce to can.


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  1. Our neighbor from hell was back in the old house. They didn’t overwhelm us with trash or police but the wife was obsessed with our banyon tree. Just a teen aged son trying to learn the guitar at all hours of the night. This tree must have been fifty feet tall with a thick trunk and those dangling roots that are dying to reach the ground and form new trunks. I liked it. It was big and impressive even it it was messy and needed frequent thinking which was not in our budget.
    The lady next door was obsessed because it shaded her yard. Admitted whoever planted it had put it too close to the property line and the trunk now invaded her yard. Still it had been there for years.
    She just kept at me. She would pay for the removal. They she agreed to a new fence and finally I gave it.
    Nothing was ever the same without that tree- although the neighbor stopped complaining. At this point I was working in Sacramento and my wife decided it was ok to move so we left. Up here after a warm friendly community when we all moved into the new development, today nobody speaks to anybody. It’s just like the old neighborhood.
    You could move but who knows it you would have better luck.

  2. The reasons for my moving habits have been always the bad neighbors… I have a lot of bad a sick stories, some of them were voyeurs, some of them perverts, some of them just simple a pain in the ass… I think I should move to a desert without neighbors…

    • I would say that I would join you in the desert but that would defeat the point don’t you think? I could do without neighbors too. Of course, I do live in a desert….hmmmm

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