Jun 022014
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But “don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater” . . . I will continue

to support my US Representative as he is effective and works for the

people of our district and in general.

The Baby is Dead

This comment from an old high school friend shows just what power politicians hold over us these days. We trust the bastards. We continue to believe that they are real people just like you and me and that they hold real American values. That is the baby they keep reminding us about. “Don’t throw that baby out just because the bath water is beginning to stink. They never show us that baby which we imagine as the happy Gerber baby we grew up with. They only talk about the baby and hope we won’t ask to see it and how well it is doing. They won’t show us the baby because the Baby is dead. He died years ago from bathing in the toxic swamps of our capitols. At best they show us a blanket swaddled lump. If they ever showed us what is left of the baby we would kick them into the next millennium because what is left of the baby is a mummified horror like Anthony Perkin’s mother in Psycho.

How long can you live in the Swamp before you get Swamp Fever?

We are in absolute denial about the toxic swamp our politicians inhabit. We know that our elected officials are pure and honorable patriots that are defending us and our rights against the evils of the world. Maybe they are. Maybe they used to be exactly what we think they are- good Americans but living in a toxic swamp is bound to affect their perspective. How long does it take before the world of politics becomes their reality and our lives a ridiculous fantasy? One term? Two terms?

The morality of Mustang Ranch

Imagine that you have a healthy, intelligent and honorable son who has just finished Middle School. You want the best for him and so for his high school years you send him to boarding school. You select a highly regarded prep school and pack him off to become one of the country’s best and brightest. Then let’s say that this highly regarded prep school has embraced a new teaching philosophy and the faculty is replaced with the staff of the Mustang Ranch. You may have instilled the highest of values and great personal integrity in your son. How long do you think those values will survive the school environment? How will you explain your son’s career choice to become a pimp. Because you know what a fine young man you raised, you will go to outlandish extremes to explain that your son is dedicated to helping young ladies. You certainly wouldn’t want to throw out the baby (your honorable son) with the bathwater (the appearance of depravity).

Save your politician from the swamp.  Vote him out!

So when that sincere politician tells you not to throw the baby out with the bathwater, ask him to show you that baby. You have to save him from himself. He went into the swamp at your direction. If the swamp turned him to the dark side, it was while trying to serve you. Now, before the damage becomes too ingrained to change, it is up to you to pull him out and save him from the monster he will become if he stays. It is too late to save the baby but maybe you can still save your politician. Vote him out.


Ralph is the inspiration for Cantankerous Old Coots and is our Grand Duke of Cantankerousness

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  3 Responses to “Down with Politicians redux- The Baby is Dead”

  1. It is the humanitarian thing to do. Save those politicians from themselves

  2. “Just get up off the ground, that’s all I ask. Get up there with that lady that’s up on top of this Capitol dome, that lady that stands for liberty. Take a look at this country through her eyes if you really want to see something. And you won’t just see scenery; you’ll see the whole parade of what Man’s carved out for himself, after centuries of fighting. Fighting for something better than just jungle law, fighting so’s he can stand on his own two feet, free and decent, like he was created, no matter what his race, color, or creed. That’s what you’d see. There’s no place out there for graft, or greed, or lies, or compromise with human liberties. And, uh, if that’s what the grownups have done with this world that was given to them, then we’d better get those boys’ camps started fast and see what the kids can do. And it’s not too late, because this country is bigger than the Taylors, or you, or me, or anything else. Great principles don’t get lost once they come to light. They’re right here; you just have to see them again! ” -Jimmy Stewart as Jefferson Smith in Mr. Smith goes to Washington

    So, I was putting together another mini-rant in my head, something nasty about the horrors of politicians and what they would do to a good man amongst them. Then I remembered this story has already been told. In almost innocence so pure it is almost Pollanyanic, ole’ Jimmy Stewart had a rant that would have made Howard Beal blush.

    I don’t necessarily think this harks back to the “good old days”. I am sure the tribe elections for “medicine man” in 3500 BC had it’s share of dirty politics. But Jimmy Stewart for me has always been an ideal for what all people should strive for. His “only good politician” from Mr. Smith was a bit corney and quite dated, but it showed a hope and idealism that you cannot find anywhere these days.

    Even more than Mr. Smith when I think of Stewart I think of “it’s a wonderful life” a movie that still brings tears to my eyes when I see George get his second lease on life. “zu zu’s petal’s”…sob ..tear

    If a Mr. Smith or a George Bailey were ever to magically get to office their naivete would get them eaten alive in minutes. They would be be ineffectual at best and most likely incompetent in their job.

    It is a sad statement, that a system is so broken that even in my most optimistic moments I do not think that putting the “Best man possible” in a job would be able to produce solid results.

    just saying,


  3. Maybe it is time for a clip from Mr.Smith. Your comment is practically a post in itself.

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