Apr 082012
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Down with consistency!

hobgoblins abound

Nothing to fear

They tell you that consistency is  the hobgoblin of small minds- whatever that is supposed to mean. We can’t be bothered by consistency here at Cantankerous Old Coots. One reason is that by the time you get into your dotage like this Coot, consistency is out of the question. I have done so many things in so many ways that practicing consistency would mean complete paralysis.

So today, Up with Inconsistency. 

The Coot’s News Service is a perfect example of inconsistency. We’ve reported good news. We’ve reported bad news. We have even reported no news. There is no question that CNS is not burdened with any hobgoblins, small though our minds may be. We go all over the map for our news report each week. The news stories today are no exception.  Today we’ve got News you can use.

Most news is useless. 

Most of the time news is titillating but essentially useless. You may be interested in a story about a military jet crashing into an apartment complex but aside from the fact that it wasn’t your apartment complex, you are no better off reading it. Newspapers, TV newscasts and the entire content of CNN and Fox News do nothing to make your life better. They sure won’t make you happy and there is nothing you can do to affect any of it anyway.  Bottom line, the time you spend watching or reading is a total waste of your time.

Today’s CNS is a game changer.

Today’s stories actually provide useful, actionable information that, acted upon can change your life for the better. Take this first story.

All Academic Fields of Study, Ranked by Realness

These days picking a major in college can be very difficult, with all the new categories. How can you pick a field of study that actually contains real, useful information that might actually prepare you to provide value to an employer? Use this handy guide to keep your college education real and avoid courses that contain only empty calories and leave you holding a big student loan debt when you can’t get a job.  Choose wisely!

The next story is valuable only to residents of my state of California who live in constant denial of reality. Californian’s are brainwashed from birth to believe that the way things are in California is the way things ought to be. The group think, government overreach and lack of accountability are accepted as good and the sniping from lesser states is dismissed as mere envy. Californian’s are blind to the truth of their own dysfunction and refuse to accept that Americans despise California and all it stands for.

Americans Hate California Even More Than They Hate New Jersey

There is probably nothing that can wake California from it’s mindless self worship unless and until the 30 percent that can still think for themselves take what resources the state has let them keep and moves out. Dream on California.

Take the stories today and make your life better. If you still believe that a college degree makes you more valuable then at least pick a major that is reality based. And for your own sake build your life in a state with a future. Leave California and head for New Jersey.

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  9 Responses to “Coot’s News Service- News you can use!”

  1. Sure glad I re-read the post. I first thought you wrote “Up with Incontinency”

  2. Hansi,
    You are never going to find that post here at Coots. Incontinence needs no encouragement from me.

  3. “Needs no encouragement…”…? Er…Ralph…just how high IS your Depends budget?

  4. Bob,
    As high as it needs to be.

  5. News are mostly useless, no matter where you live, Ralph.

  6. Hi Ralph…Sometimes news is really useless even in TV or newspapers… Anyway, thanks for this one…

  7. In Europe it is all the same. Useless news, all the national broadcasting companies are manipulating the audience. It’s a shame, the only thing I can do is boycotting television.

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