Apr 012012
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Have you been fooled today?

sporting index april fool

sporting index april fool (Photo credit: Sean MacEntee)

Don’t feel let down or left out because the Coot’s News Service is here to help with our April Fools Day Edition of CNS- Headline News.

It’s April Fools Day.

To celebrate the Coots News Service presents a plethora of stories today. I can’t help loving that word plethora. It is so much fun to mouth that laws should be passed to make sure people use it frequently. It means ‘ a bunch of’ so make a note to self that every time you think about saying ‘a bunch of’ you say plethora instead. Your mouth will thank you and your friends will be impressed at your erudition.  But I digress.

Moving along to the news, my original thought was to make up a news story in honor of the day and then confess at the end that it was merely an April Fools joke. What I discovered is that making up a news story is hard work so today’s post is a compromise. Only one of the stories today is made up. The task for our faithful readers this April Fools Day is to guess which story is false and the reason you know it to be false. There is a bonus for identifying the true story contributed by our very own Coot, Bob who, uncharacteristically put in extra hours this week.

So examine these headlines carefully. There will be no links to the news stories since those links would reveal which story is a fake. Instead post your guess in the comments and then check back tomorrow to find out if you are correct. The winner will receive a certificate of honorary Coot-hood and an interview by yours truly so don’t miss this opportunity for fame.

Now for the stories.

The first story involves animals, actually several animals attacking a lone hiker.

Man claims attack by lion, saved by a bear

In the second story we have a jogger threatened by a predatory animal

Predator Shocks Jogger

The third story tells how the Subway Foot-long has become an endangered species in San Francisco


And finally, a developer in New York City plans an apartment building taller than the World Trade Center.

432 Park Avenue Will Reach 1,397 Feet, Taller Even Than the World Trade Center

Put on your thinking caps and tell me which of the stories is a fake. Bonus points tie-breaker if you can tell which story was contributed by Bob. Check back tomorrow for the answer and discover who is our next honorary Coot.

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  2 Responses to “Coots News Service-April Fools Edition”

  1. Ralph, that trip to Italy has scrambled you. None of these links are even here. I say they all are fake

  2. Justin,
    That is the point. If I included the links it would be easy to know which story is fake. You are supposed to guess.

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