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Hello everyone. Well, why you are waiting for the next installment from the coots, it has come to my attention that Monday has been gathering cobwebs around here. I guess it is either up to me to change that or delegate it to someone else.

As for today, Facebook has informed me that this is the day that Bob was dug out from under a rock somewhere in the back country and mercilessly prodded into a lifetime of Cantankerosity.

Finally, a thing that Facebook is actually good for. At any rate we here at the Coots, well at least me and I would assume Ralph but his cantankerous button has been turned up to high lately, would like to wish our colleague Bob a Happy Birthday.

I will have to come up with some fancy song like in one of those restaurants who can’t bring themselves to go traditional because of pending charges from Michael Jackson. Wait, Michael is dead, who got all of the Beatles songs and Happy Birthday rights?

Well, happy birthday Bob, I don’t expect tomorrows live broadcast to be too cantankerous, it was just your Birthday after all. But then again, last week all of his plumbing in the yurt tried to go to hell on him.

There is no telling with Bob.

Happy Birthday Brother,

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Justin is the young Coot with a Cantankerous Soul who continues to be educated by older, more cootish Ralph and Bob. His Cantankerosity is his own.

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  5 Responses to “Happy Cantankerous Birthday to Bob!”

  1. I guess it never crossed my mind that Bob would have a birthday. So pedestrian but since we now have proof- just one more thing that Facebook is good for, I want to send my very best birthday wishes to Bob. With any luck this will get out to the tooth fairy, too.

  2. Thanks guys…y’all and my son actually remembered (were notified by FB, more like it…but who cares?)…and it’s a good thing since my clogged artery almost made me forget.

    Oh…and Ralph…the tooth fairy is involved in teeth LEAVING. I’m needing a set to be coming in, not going out.

  3. Bob,
    Those tooth fairies must have a union. So rigid!

  4. One more reason to not like tooth faries…unions aren’t welcome here.

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