Nov 282011
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European democracy

Image by Jonas Hannestad via Flickr

Today we’ll go across the pond and take a look at the European Union, a miniaturized test-prototype of a New World Order type of thing…coming soon to your neighborhood.  We’ll see just how well one large government does in administering it’s subjects using  common sense.

Hint:  It doesn’t do it well.

Then we’ll come back across the pond to that communist enclave in the United States commonly known as Massachusetts.  Something really fishy is going on in New Bedford.


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  1. Bob,
    I swear that COC is getting just as pushy as the government. It’s telling me that I must leave a comment. So here it goes. I’m looking forward to the European Union banning water altogether. It’s a logical extension of their regulation. Just like the Obama administration’s regulations are making jobs illegal.

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