Nov 272011
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Some news is important!

It takes a big man to admit he is wrong and all three of us Coots are not petite. So today I’m just going to say that last week, I was wrong. You can’t just ignore the news because once in a while there is a story that matters in your life and that you can do something about. And that is what the news stories for today reveal.

After last week’s snit, faithful readers might be wondering what to expect from the Coot’s News Service this week. I laid it on pretty thick and pretty much sawed through the tree limb I was perched on. I stopped sawing just in time. But still, after all that fuss about the irrelevance of news how can the Coot’s continue to provide this service.

Well the answer is another opportunity to clarify the benefits of cantankerosity. Being consistent is another of those traps of conventional thinking that mess people up. Cantankerosity is never having to be sorry about changing your mind. This needs expounding in a Coot’s lesson but for now take it on faith that it takes a big man to admit when he is wrong. And last week I was very wrong because every so often, there is news that matters and news that each person can do something about.

Black Friday 2011: Holiday shoppers hit stores, with a Thanksgiving head start

The news stories this week are about the evil cancer of Black Friday eating our national holiday- Thanksgiving. Apparently nothing is more sacred than saving a few bucks on that big screen TV, not even a family holiday dinner. And retailers will stop at nothing to take your money.

Shoppers in Sacramento, across U.S. turn back the clock in bargain hunt

So what can you do to quash this diabolical threat to family life in America? Stay home on Thanksgiving and plan your holiday to eliminate any need to shop. As Justin has pointed out, there are bargains available on line so you can satisfy the shopping urge and look for deals from your home between courses or at half-time. Maintain the sanctity of your holidays and allow retail employees to enjoy the holiday as well. The Coot’s recommend Amazon for convenience, great selection and fantastic deals and encourage readers to use our link which helps keep this blog going.

It’s all over for this year but early reports suggest that retailers were encouraged by the sales on Thanksgiving. Make a resolution to avoid retailers that were open on Thanksgiving and shop on-line instead.

And now that Thanksgiving is finally over, lets move on to the next holiday.




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  4 Responses to “Coot’s News Service for November 27, 2011 I was wrong!”

  1. Hmmm….interesting stuff. I’m still trying to convince the wife that the greatest gift of all is the gift of freedom from having to exchange gifts. Somehow the logic fails her.

  2. Hansi,
    So is your plan to keep the gifts all for yourself?

  3. Back to your original advise …. If the news causes constipation, take a laxative and don’t watch or listen in the future.

  4. But then Frank, you miss the opportunity to do something. You just can’t win.

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