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Do you ever have this post written in your head and even mostly edited, it just takes too much time to get it written?  Yea.  Turns out there is not a plugin to allow people access to your wonderfully crafted posts in your head.  You still must write them out!

So this week has been interesting for Coots subject matter.  Bob’s wonderfully snarky post about bin Laden, Ralph’s lament over old movie theaters, well, today, I wan’t to talk about a very special birthday.  And then you go and do some more research and find that there is a “(the quotes are important here, think air quotes to get the sarcasm implied)”WEBSITE” that has a different date than the other 47 sites that you look at.  Imagine that, something on the internet is wrong.

So I searched for something else that happened on this day in history and came up with the first H bomb test or a patent for wireless radio broadcasting.  I don’t really feel like writing about nuclear warheads so I am going to go with wireless broadcasting.

Back in 1908 Nathan B. Stubblefield created a primitive cell phone type device that transmitted via electromagnetic induction.  Didn’t work very well and would never be real “radio” broadcasting like Marconi came up with, but it was something to send information over space without wires.  Think of what we do now without wires.  I am writing this post on my laptop that is connected to the internet over a wireless network.  If I wan’t to print, the printer is in the basement hooked to my other computer, but I can connect.

I have wireless headphones, wireless phones, wireless keyboards and mice, heck even my new MP3 player can connect to the internet wirelessly.  Think how much easier losing wires has made our lives.  How many electronic things actually have to be connected anymore?

Now I am not saying Nathan Stubblefield is the cause of this wireless revolution, because his inventions are not actually radio waves.  For instance, his inventions could never reach the International Space Station, yet with other technology we can.  (just an aside, I think that the ISS is the freaking coolest thing that mankind has ever invented.  That is another post though.)  But Mr. Stubblefield was a thinker.  He saw potential in holding a device and talking with someone far away.

Even if his tech isn’t used today, the same thinking and desire to do the next biggest and greatest thing still pushes people.  The entrepreneurial spirit still makes people bust their humps to invent things that they can use on the ISS. (did I say that is the coolest thing ever?)

Now, my question to you all is, what have you invented?  By invented I mean written or created.  Will your idea spark millions of others?  Will it inspire people?  Will your name end up on a “this day in history” search because of your invention?  If not, get out there and create.  Quit following the pack and create your own spot in history.  Now if you will excuse me, my Stay at Home Dad site needs some work.

Thanks for reading.


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  1. When I was a kid, me and my buddies got an old tin can, punched a hole in the bottom, ran a length of string between the two, and were actually able to talk to each other over a distance of about thirty feet. I don’t know why this basically free communication device didn’t catch on and make us all millionaires like that Face Book guy. Maybe the field was too crowded with other children competing with better string and bigger cans.

  2. Justin,
    Justin, The only thing I can remember inventing is me. Unfortunately I keep finding problems and have to try again.

  3. Justin,
    I think all those wireless rays carrying all that information is affecting your brain.

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