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What do you do when you can’t count on USA Today for your headlines. So far, this Coot has depended on USA Today to point to the big stories of the week. Today, however USA is behind the times.  Their top story reveals the secrets of Black Friday. Someone needs to tell USA Today that Black Friday was two days ago. It’s old news. Coots learn to be resourceful however so today we are turning to the doyen of news media, the old gray lady, The New York Times. We will be more selective with the stories since the NYT seems to think that more stories are important than does USA Today.


F.B.I. Says Oregon Suspect Planned ‘Grand’ Attack

The FBI caught a young Somail- born US ctizen attempting to bomb a tree lighting ceremony in Portland Oregon. They discovered the young man’s interest in jihadist activities and assisted him with his dream project- bombing an event with lots of children. He is reported to have said that Oregon is a good place to bomb because nobody pays any attention to Oregon. I guess he is not a football fan.

New Chairman Seeks More Power for U.S. Watchdogs

The new Republican majority in the House of Representatives will focus on finding waste and duplication in government programs. The new chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee will seek new subpoena powers for watchdog agencies. The target will be the operations of the unaccountable Tzars managing health care and other important reforms in the government. Coot’s would prefer taking the Tzars out altogether but this is a first step to expose their activities and shine some light on their activities.

War Machines: Recruiting Robots for Combat

Robots are alive and well and working for the military.

U.S. and South Korea Begin Joint Naval Exercises

After last weeks attack of a South Korean island by North Korea, the joint naval exercises go on as planned. Nobody quite knows what to do with a destitute and paranoid nuclear power. No problem with crazy countries having the bomb. No need to worry about Iran either.

South Korea Experiences a Stirring for Revenge

Savage attack wakes South Koreans to reality that love is not the answer. After all these years or enabling the economy of North Korea by feeding the people, South Koreans are shocked, shocked to discover that people in the north are evil. It’s a little late for action however because by providing all that food aid for these years, North Korea was able to develop enough bombs to destroy the south. Oh, well.

So that is what the New York Times says is important today. Who are the coots to argue.


Ralph is the inspiration for Cantankerous Old Coots and is our Grand Duke of Cantankerousness

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  13 Responses to “Coot’s Week in Review – November 28,2010”

  1. Geeze…the Korean issue is SO easy…if our president wasn’t so focused on world opinion and kissing dictator’s asses.

    Obama loves a teleprompter, so here is the text of a suggested (and “not gonna happen”) phone call from the White House to the North Korean Muppet with the bad hair. The president can follow it directly as it is a statement not to be open to discussion:

    “Mr Muppet, this is the US president…listen up, and listen good.

    “You are used to doing some provocative and stupid stunt to stir up shit over here. Then we and the world vocally condemn it, pass this or that resolution, make economic concessions to you hoping futilely that you’ll begin to play nice with others in the world sandbox.

    “A week, a month, six months later you piss in our faces and the cycle starts over.

    “Th shit stops now Mr. Muppet.

    “You have now threatened a “merciless attack” because the US and South Korea are having war games that you don’t like. Too bad. Mr. Muppet, you don’t have a clue what a real “merciless attack” would look like…but the next time you fire one single shot…even so much as a paper spit-wad from a straw…at anything US or US ally related, we will show you EXACTLY what a merciless attack looks like, and your view will be up close and personal.

    “Mr. Muppet, you will have the opportunity to look up in the sky from your front porch and see the bomb bays of US B-52’s, B-1’s, and B-2’s rain down unimaginable hellfire on your funny little haircut. You will find out what it means to have the destination coordinates of a cruise missile be exactly where your bellybutton is.

    “Mr. Muppet, you and your oppressive regime, despite your grandiose self-appraisal, aren’t a pimple on an elephant’s ass in the grand scheme of things. China won’t do a damn thing to protect you. They will make some noise, then sit back and reinforce their border with you to prevent an influx of Korean refugees…that’s all.

    “That’s it Mr Muppet…no, don’t say a word. This isn’t a discussion, this is simply the way it is. Your move.”

    I’m tired of the world’s two-bit tinhorn pieces of crap kicking sand in our face and the faces of our real allies. I believe that a similar phone call from President elect Reagan to Ayatollah Khomeini freed the US hostages held by Iran.

    The US is the most powerful nation on earth. It’s time we acted like it and did so in a way that cares for our self-interest and the interests of our real friends…and to hell with others.

  2. Whoa there Bob. What if they nuke Seoul?

  3. Two answers:

    1. They won’t. The little Muppet knows he’ll have all the shit in the world on his head if he did, including the use of tactical nuclear weapons. He may not care about his people, but he does care about his own butt.

    2. They can’t. They have nukes, but their delivery systems are stone age. They can’t do a quick launch like we can with a cruise missile. For them to launch one nuclear warhead they have a several day prep time…days out satellites are watching.

    They’d never get a nuke off the ground.

  4. So you think our President is up to it?

  5. Could he? Yes. Like all good Marxists he is one cold-blooded SOB, and spilling some blood wouldn’t faze him one itty-bitty bit.

    Would he? Hell no. Making the US look weak on the world stage fits his plans precisely.

    Read “Rules For Radicals”, by Saul Alinsky. It’ll give you a really good idea of how Obama operates.

  6. I’m still confused about what the problem with Obama is exactly.

    The guy’s changing things; some people love him for it, others just don’t like it. As an outsider he looks like he’s doing a decent enough job, especially since he’s following in the wake of Bush’s problems. He’s only been there a couple of years, so its hard to assess whether he’s ‘The best president ever’ or ‘the worst president ever’ at the moment.

    And further, Marxists aren’t inherantly evil last I checked. Could be mistaken, they may have formed a cult by now. 😉

  7. Heather,
    Not too many Americans left loving Obama these days. Witness the elections this month. Not too many world leaders loving Obama these days. Witness the G20 Summit. One thing for sure. Obama still loves Obama.
    Your assignment: find a benevolent Marxist.

  8. Assignment: My Scriptwriting tutor. 😉 But I suppose you want me to find a famous benevolent one.

    True enough, I just can’t help wondering why for one, and if he’s really that bad.

  9. Heather,
    It is easy to be a powerless benevolent Marxist. Powerless Marxists have nothing to give. Find me one in power that is benevolent.
    Bob and I will be happy to let you have him for as long as you like. Really, his problem is that he is an ideologue. He is incapable of discussing two sides of an issue and finding common ground. Most Marxists have that problem.

  10. I’ll have a look. 🙂

    Being completely fair, how many non-Marxist politicians can do that anyway? I’d take Obama over Cameron, purely because every time we have a Conservative government (split or not) we wind up getting messed around. You know, unless you’re in the upper end of the income bracket.

    Example; they’re cutting funding for all universities and colleges to the point where courses are having to be dropped (entire departments in some cases) and forcing them to band together into super colleges. Also they’ve raised our VAT to 20% (it was 17.5%) as well as keeping all our other taxing systems and so on.

    All in all, and cutting a longer story short, I miss Canada.

  11. Heather…I personally think Marxism is inherently bad…but for the purpose of this discussion about Obama my personal belief is immaterial. Obama is bad because he is the antithesis of what America was founded on and what the basis of our law is…the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights.

    If someone thinks something is wrong with it, they are welcome to attempt to change it…our system allows for that, there is an amendment process.

    What pisses me off is when someone…and this applies to both sides of the political aisle…just flat ignores the constitution rather than working within its bounds until they can change it.

    That is what Obama does…ignores the constitution. Show me where in it the federal government has the power to force one, simply by virtue of living in the US, to buy something…health insurance or anything else?

    It is not there.

    If Obama wants to do that, change the constitution, don’t ignore it.

  12. I’m thinking the issue with healthcare reform may be a cultural thing – I just don’t see it as being made to purchase something. Over here we have the National Health Service; basically that means we’re all entitled to a certain amount of healthcare for free, and its reflected in a (supposedly, its crept up) slight increase in our taxes and use of our budget.

    If it is an issue of being forced to buy something then I’d completely agree, its wrong. Moreover, you can’t just ignore whatever your country actually stands for when making changes.

    More of a means than an ends sort of thing I suspect.

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