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**Editors Note: Today is actually a happy day here at Cantankerous Old Coots!  My friend Bob has here, written below, what is the 100th post published on this site!  That is a great milestone and one we are most definitely not going to stop at   Not bad for a blog that started on a whim with a sarcastic comment.  Thanks for coming and reading our stuff and you can look forward to more, number 200 is coming!  Now onto Bob’s post! -Justin**

Sometimes I just think the know-it-all kids might be able to run things better than us old farts (and fartettes).  Maybe we just ought to turn all the country’s problems over to them to solve.  They’ll probably do it in about a week and a half.

Just ask them…they’ll be glad to tell you.  Apparently, from about age 18 to age 25 is when a human is the smartest and can do the best analytical thinking, and after that it’s all downhill.  So…if they are so damn smart, let them figger things out for us.

This was brought home YET AGAIN this past week when Megan McCain, the dumb blonde bimbo highly intelligent and discerning daughter of Sen. John McCain opened her mouth…again.

Does anyone besides me wish she would just shut…the…hell…up?  If she weren’t Sen McCain’s daughter she’d be just another dumb blonde…like, awesome…Valley Girl wannabe.  Instead, the media treats her like the second coming of Socrates, spreading her insight far and wide.

How does a 26 year old who hasn’t yet learned to wipe her rear without a diagram and written instructions get so smart so young…and she must be smart…

Last week she shared with us…and with the breathlessly listening main stream media…that  Christine O’Donnell, the senate candidate from Delaware, shouldn’t be elected because she is not qualified.  Well, just what makes one “qualified”, Megan?

(“Megan” because you are a know-it-all snot-nosed brat.  Gain some age…and wisdom…and you might earn a Ms. McCain.)

Megan, just what kind of qualifications do you feel someone needs to have in order to hold elected office?  Let’s look at a couple of elected officials for guidance, OK?

There once was a small town country lawyer from Illinois.  He was mostly self-educated, and was not a lawyer with a polished resume.  His political career consisted of several failed attempts to get elected to local and state office before his single win.  He was not a polished speaker and was not notably educated on national and foreign policy of the day.  He was much like Christine O’Donnell in that he was simply a good man of average intellect who wanted to just do the right thing.

The second politician was also of average intellect, but had a far more extensive unofficial political education having been raised in the politics of a navy admiral’s household and absorbing the politics of national defense.  He attended the US Naval Academy and served as a Navy carrier pilot where his only notable act was to be shot down over North Vietnam.  As a POW he showed himself to be an American patriot.  So far, so good…but after being released from captivity and leaving the navy he was bitten by the political bug and was elected by his wife’s money and his war hero status to the United States senate, where he changes his position on issues as often as I change my underwear, always sticking his finger in the air to test the currents before deciding what he thinks.

I like inexperienced and unqualified better.

Meghan, the first inexperienced, unqualified (by your standards, anyway) politician was Abraham Lincoln.  The second is your father.

I think it’s best you, like, you know, just shut up.

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  6 Responses to “Let the know-it-all punk kids run things”

  1. Justin…does this mean I win a Kewpie doll?

  2. Careful what you ask for Bob. The doll’s name is Megan.

  3. Can’t be Ralph. Justin sent the doll and it hastToo little hair, too many muscles, and absolutely no…er…bosoms…

    If Megan McCain has anything going for her it’s nice bosoms.

  4. Happy 100th =)

    Being of the younger generation (*cough*) I think its only fair I should point out that not all of us know-it-alls are complete fuckwits. Unfortunately, most of my demographic are.

    Oh well.

  5. Bob,
    You know that the only reason the media loves Megan is that she makes them look smart.

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