Jan 012014
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English: Modern bronze statue of Julius Caesar...

English: Modern bronze statue of Julius Caesar, Rimini, Italy. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I am really excited to have a guest post here on Cantankerous Old Coots.  It seems so long since there has been any activity from my fingers that hasn’t included building a site for an actual paying customer that this really does seem like Ralph Carlson blog part 2.  But, Ralph is in Rome trying to walk in the footsteps of Caesar and hopefully miss out on the end of that story.  Ralph has traveled a lot over the past couple of years, this is his second time to Italy, and he spent Christmas in Buenos Aries.  One of these days he is just going to stay somewhere and we will get vague tweets and requests for ransom money.



But I digress.  Again.  Where is this whole blogging thing going?  I am not sure I hate the world enough to be as cantankerous as I need to be.  Living in my little bubble of ignorance is great, but not as far as a good rant is concerned.  Sure Bob keeps me abreast of the Gestapo tactics that the government of the good old USA is adopting, and the Stalinistic tactics of the NSA, but I feel that it is more Bob’s purview to write on those things.  I am too busy getting ready to build a bunker in the mountains.

I have seen what apathy does to a blog.  I have seen what furious posting does for this blog.  The worst part?  They are not that much different.  So is blogging dead for me?  No.  Do I need to prioritize better? Yes.  Do I need to keep pumping everything I can into an actual paying job?  Yep.  I have promised before to write more.  I am pretty sure that my writing and a lump of petrified dinosaur crap will get you a wry look and a “Yea, ok.  Good luck with that.” response.

The future?  Keep building websites for money.  Blog when I feel like it.  Hope that Ralph doesn’t end up in some Roman orgy jail.  Think about doing another podcast.  Sleep.  I am not sure anymore.  My kids are out of school and, well, my brain is fried 3 weeks into it.

Back to work on that other site.  That actually pays money.  From this point on to be referred to as Stalag 13, without Hogan.


-Later, I hope



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Justin is the young Coot with a Cantankerous Soul who continues to be educated by older, more cootish Ralph and Bob. His Cantankerosity is his own.

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  3 Responses to “How things have changed…”

  1. Justin,
    Cantankerousity is not about hating the world or anything else. Cantankerousity is about knowing how things ought to be and being darn pissed off that it isn’t. LIKE today! Waited an hour for the one bus that goes to the part of Rome we planned to see. No 117 bus! Finally after a ‘con gas’ (that’s sparkling water back home) we tried plan B and when I walked in search of another buss stop I discovered the problem. Rome, in it’s infinite wisdom, decided that Saturday the road along the ruins to the Colosseum is pedestrian only. Since the 117 bus travels on that road it was diverted to God only know where. So we walked up the Esquiline Hill to see some churches which naturally enough didn’t open until 4:00. (It was only 1:00 at the time.)
    It wasn’t timely. It wasn’t easy. It wasn’t fun but we pushed on ahead and saw two more churches. If another hat vendor had pushed his wares in my face, I was prepared to throw them to the ground and stomp on them. Amazingly they stayed away from me. There must be a lesson there.
    So don’t hate the world. Just get damn pissed off because it isn’t organized right. And keep those unmarked bills handy in case one of the hat vendors decides to kidnap me.

  2. Nowadays there are so many things which are highly improved compare 5 or 10 years ago and I admire people who get along with the trends and use the ideas into something better and something productive.

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