Down with Spam!

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Nov 232013
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This is not a new topic.  This is not even fun.  There are probably ten million posts about the evils of spam and here is another one.  Evey morning for the past week or more I have been bombarded with over 400 of the same message, from the same sender.  And they all are about viagra.

I really have tried to unsubscribe from these but I still end up with a ton of email.  It is easy enough to delete but still, it takes so much time sorting through the crap.  I know each and every one of you out there are sick of it too.  Monty python has a slightly different take on spam:

That is still one of the funniest sketches ever.  Now, onto email.  There are those lists you get on that you may even opt on for that send you so much $#!^ every day they might as well be spam.  And these guys are the ones who say how much they hate spam as much as you do.  Maybe that is why our email list here is so anorexic.

These “bombardment marketers” (hey I coined a new phrase let’s get that out there) give everyone a bad name.  We have been trying to grow our list here at the coots and so far, it is pathetically small.  It is populated only by those who write here at the coots, plus a pity subscribe from Dr. Doolin from website in a weekend.  Even Bob was assimilated er invited to join the coots after his joining of the list.

It leads me to theorize.  There are 2 possibilities when it comes to our email list here.  One: people are so afraid of getting bombarded with Cantankerous Spam that they don’t sign up, or, Two: they found out that we make subscribers write for us.  I suspect number one is the culprit.  Here is the skinny on that though, I have been so disappointed with the lack of signups that I have sent out Zero emails to the list.  People on the list probably have forgotten about it.

Even the bait of a free ebook in what promises to be a fantastic course on how to be Cantankerous has not helped.  But I am going to put it out there again, with our fantastic new sign up pop up and the little sign up form right over there———>

Or below.  We will give you the fabulous ebook that includes the first five lessons from the Coots University as well as exclusive Cantankerousness and future discounts to the full course when it comes about.  Sign up below, I swear you will not receive 50 emails from us a day.  You will be lucky to get one a month.  If I feel like it.  It is hard to lose with a deal like that.

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Maybe I will get some hacker buddies together and figure out some code that will destroy the servers of anyone who sends out spam.  That would be worth an email sign up or two I am sure.

Have a Great weekend.  Halloween is Sunday, go dress up as something scary and frighten the children.  Then come back and tell me about it!



Justin is the young Coot with a Cantankerous Soul who continues to be educated by older, more cootish Ralph and Bob. His Cantankerosity is his own.

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  9 Responses to “Down with Spam!”

  1. DRESS UP like something scary? Haven’t paid much attention to my Gravitar, eh?

  2. I have a theory. That I signed up to join then the message itself got caught by my spam filters. And then I forgot =P

    Signed up now though.

    Can’t wait for tomorrow! Going on one of the ‘Haunted’ tours in Edinburgh to terrorize the tourists.

    • thanks for signing up Heather! I have seen those haunted tours on TV and they look awesome. I have one on the itinerary when we go to Scotland. I still have to convince my wife that it is a good idea though. have fun, I hope you get scared!

  3. The one I’m going on is the Double Dead tour – its basically the one with the vaults and the graveyard… should be fun =)

    They’re great! Been on the vaults one before, very spooky. Don’t go to ‘Edinburgh Dungeons’ though unless you want to feel sick to your stomach. Went with my Dad a couple of years ago, and it was well done, but not my cup of tea.

    Any idea when you’re coming over?

    • It was always meant to be a graduation present to myself. At this rate it will be May of 2115 before I am done. Maybe jut wait until the kids are old enough to appreciate the lands of the ancestors and all that so 8 years…It will be a while unfortunately.

  4. That’s no good, I’ll have moved by then! Ah well =)

  5. Spammers be on the “Wanted dead or live” list and then should be shot on sight

  6. I love them so much! good to remmember 🙂

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