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September 11, 2001 attacks in New York City: V...

September 11, 2001 attacks in New York City: View of the World Trade Center and the Statue of Liberty. (Image: US National Park Service ) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It is hard to believe that it has been 11 years since the Twin Towers went down.

It is also interesting to note that every movie I have seen in the last 10 years where they show the skyline of New York City I actually know and miss the towers.  Any movie shot in New York before 2011 has the towers and I know that they are gone.

The city my parents live in do the flag field, one American flag for everyone who died in New York and Pennsylvania that day.  It is an awesome site.  The city hall has a flagpole that is a bronze recreation of the famous photo of the firemen raising the flag over the rubble.

I can remember that day very clearly.  I can remember my wife coming home shouting at me to get up at 7:30 on the morning.  I thought something was wrong with her or the apartment, but she was flipping on the TV and we watched the second plane hit the tower. We were glued to the TV the rest of the day.

During the Fourth of July celebrations we put on the patriotic playlist and a couple of those songs are ones that were made right after 9/11.  They are montages of news reports and eyewitness statements set to music.  They move even me to this day, remembering the lives lost, the heroism of the firefighters and police that went headlong into danger trying to save people.

And of course, the heroism of those men who wouldn’t let the other plane hit the capitol.  They traded their lives for their country.  Sure the building itself could be rebuilt, but the symbol would be marred.  The ideal of the United States would be tarnished.  Their sacrifice kept with the ideals of those rebels from 1776 who founded this country with their own blood.

When I think of those on that plane the lines from America the Beautiful, “Who more than selves their country loved” are fitting.  Patriots dream indeed.

So today, we are united as a country.  We are all here together, resisting tyranny, and defending this land with everything we have.

We are in the midst of division this year with the election coming up, and people clamoring for one side or another.  Today, we all stand as Americans, not black, not white, not republican, not democrat, Americans.   We look back at those who shone as examples of the American spirit.  We look with solemn remembrance at those innocents who died while at work.

We look at this day, September 11th, at Patriot Day, as a day to celebrate all that is good in the Spirit of America.  Don’t treat this as just another day.  Sing patriotic songs.  Fly your flag, read the Constitution, remember what this country was founded on.  Then, remember that all of those things were made by people who had ideals, who had vision, and who had the best interests of this country in mind.

Thank you Heroes and Patriots of 9/11, your sacrifice makes this a better country, and us better Americans.

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