Nov 262014
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Another week of “non-funny” political news…this is getting old.  Looking at silly government stupidity is a lot more fun!

This week I have a show for you that is duplicated across 4 sites…JuicyMaters, Common Sense Conversation, and Haylestorm Interactive, along with being here at Cantankerous Old Coots.  It’s not that I’m too lazy to do separate shows this week…though that IS an incentive…it is that it is a message everyone who uses the internet needs to be familiar with.

Anyway…some of you might have noticed many sites on the internet were protesting something called “SOPA” Wednesday.  Some sites like Wikipedia were completely gone for the day.  Some sites, like da Coots, had an opening page about the protest that visitors could click through to get to the site.  And then, there were site owners who did nothing.  Ralph, Justin, and I felt the issue was important enough to take Coots dark.  Here is why:


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  1. Bob,
    Thanks for the rest of the story!

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