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limericksI have to confess that I have always loved limericks.  I like the rhythm, the way you can play with the accent and push near rhymes.  Finally I love the way that limericks are never serious.  Nobody would ever write a love poem in limerick form.  So when I sat down to compose a cantankerous post for today, my mind drifted and before you know it I was creating limericks.   They aren’t masterpieces but I modestly claim them as adequate.  Comments are appreciated as are any of your own limericks to complement this post.


So cantankerous was Bobby Jim,
with a physiognomy so grim
That he barely could smile
To mask  lying and guile
Causing folks to stay distant from him.


Winning friends is the call of the day
Influencing them – making them stay
Dale Carnegie’s dictum
In extremis is sick-dom
Facebook friendships make Dale’s seem passe.

Middle Age Spread

Tim was lean, mean and fit- a role model
of healthy prime manhood , no twaddle,
But his appetite grew
’till his belt buckle blew
Now his swagger has turned to a waddle.


Ralph is the inspiration for Cantankerous Old Coots and is our Grand Duke of Cantankerousness

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