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limericksI have to confess that I have always loved limericks.  I like the rhythm, the way you can play with the accent and push near rhymes.  Finally I love the way that limericks are never serious.  Nobody would ever write a love poem in limerick form.  So when I sat down to compose a cantankerous post for today, my mind drifted and before you know it I was creating limericks.   They aren’t masterpieces but I modestly claim them as adequate.  Comments are appreciated as are any of your own limericks to complement this post.


So cantankerous was Bobby Jim,
with a physiognomy so grim
That he barely could smile
To mask  lying and guile
Causing folks to stay distant from him.


Winning friends is the call of the day
Influencing them – making them stay
Dale Carnegie’s dictum
In extremis is sick-dom
Facebook friendships make Dale’s seem passe.

Middle Age Spread

Tim was lean, mean and fit- a role model
of healthy prime manhood , no twaddle,
But his appetite grew
’till his belt buckle blew
Now his swagger has turned to a waddle.


Ralph is the inspiration for Cantankerous Old Coots and is our Grand Duke of Cantankerousness

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Jun 112014
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Haiku.  Who picks these topics to vote on….ok it was me so I guess I asked for it.  I sat down to write this post and tried to figure out how to address haiku without writing a bunch of them.  (I did write this part of the post before Ralph got his post out, but had I written a bunch of haiku I would just look like a follower and that is in no way cantankerous.)   So I decided to see how many words I could think of that rhymed with haiku.

Here goes: achoo, pew, phew, do….. Eventually I am going to get in trouble for words that people get offended by.  Sorry Bob, I’ll stop with the list.

So now, I have to laugh at this picture, explaining a Japanese poem in Russian with a bit of English tossed in.  Just struck me as funny that’s all.



Ok so haiku, a small poem with a 5-7-5 structure.  Used to create something profound or beautiful in a structured, disciplined way.  I am not good sticking to those rules.  I like my meter to flow better.  Iambic Pentameter is kind of fun, sticking each like to 10 syllables but haiku is just not long enough.  That must mean I am too wordy.  (Shut up Ralph).

I do agree that limericks are much more fun to write and to read but that is not the topic.  You know I went and read the Wikipedia article about haiku and as much history and significance as they put into it,  it still sounds like a bunch of drunk Japanese guys writing BS and passing it off as art.

My opinion.  If you are a huge fan of the art, write me a post about it and I will run it.  Other wise…..at least limericks written by drunk Irishmen are funny or even profound.

So here is a Coots toast to Haiku:

I hope I never

am forced to write another

a stinking Haiku.

Have a good weekend kids, we will be back with more on Sunday with Ralph’s look at the news.  Right now, I have to go shovel some snow.  Spring in Utah, gotta love it.


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Justin is the young Coot with a Cantankerous Soul who continues to be educated by older, more cootish Ralph and Bob. His Cantankerosity is his own.

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