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We have a legeslature we hire when we vote them into office. It’s bad enough that we are pissing away our money by being corrupt liars in their actions, but they are lazy too. They work hard at not having to do what they were hired to do, and

Environmental Protection Agency Seal

Environmental Protection Agency Seal (Photo credit: DonkeyHotey)

one way they avoid work…and responsibility…is by handing responsibility AND POWER off to agencies that abuse that power and the people it is applied to:



A look at John Pozsgai’s battle with the EPA:

The EPA had enough of Pozsgai placing topsoil on his own land, so they set up secret surveillance video cameras to record some of the filling activity. Armed with this evidence and aerial photographs, the EPA had Pozsgai arrested and indicted in September 1988 for “discharging pollutants into waters of the United States.” Keep in mind that the “pollutants” consisted of earth, topsoil, sand, and clean fill. (Under the Clean Water Act, a child at the beach dumping a bucket of sand into the ocean is technically “discharging a pollutant into waters of the United States” and can be arrested for doing so without an EPA permit!) The EPA readily admits that no toxic or hazardous wastes were involved in this case.

note Mr Pozsgai died on October 11, 2011. He fought the EPA for 25 years, and died as his daughters continued the fight, speaking to a House committee on Government Abuse at the very moment he died.

From Businessweek Magazine:

The Sacketts say they were stunned. The owners of an excavation company, they had secured all the necessary local permits. And Chantell Sackett says that before work began, she drove two hours to Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, to consult with an Army Corps of Engineers official. She says the official told her orally, though not in writing, that she didn’t need a federal permit. “We did all the right things,” she says.

The EPA issued an order requiring the Sacketts to put the land back the way it was, removing the piles of fill material and replanting the vegetation they had cleared away. The property was to be fenced off and the Sacketts would be required to submit annual reports about its condition to the EPA. The agency threatened to fine them up to $32,500 a day until they complied.

They won…but they lost…

Sackett v The EPA

You have a choice:

Believe in the “cradle top grave” federal government…believe that the government will take care of everything, and that this MUST be right because, after all, the government did ot, or…

Raise holy hell! I’ve been telling you how…have you listened? Are you willing to get off the couch, put down the chips and beer, turn off “American Idol” or todays MLB game, and DO SOMETHING, or are you just going to sit there, fat and happy, thinking things like this only happen to other people?

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  1. I guess this is one of the most important topic to be discussed today and we should be aware with it.. Thank anyway for the post here..

  2. Little by little, the US government is extending it’s power, and going around the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Why? To acclimate the sheep/citizens to a dictatorial government.

    We shouldn’t be surprised as it’s nothing new. Hitler did it.

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