Nov 262014
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Bij de vuurkorf in Bodegraven  (Parents in law)

Bij de vuurkorf in Bodegraven (Parents in law) (Photo credit: Johan Koolwaaij)

There is a universal joke about how bad ones mother in law is.  My Mother in law goes on a very stringent set  of bipolar behavior, where she is good for some things and a complete pain for others.  Isn’t that how it is for everyone?  Some slight background, this isn’t new.  I have been either dating or married to my wife for 19 years now, so this is not new!

This morning is the focus of this rant however.  A main statement, If you commit to something, BE THERE!  I don’t care if you didn’t get 53 reminders and my 11 year old didn’t tell you yesterday, you committed to be there so BE THERE.  I could only shake my head in, not disappointment but realization that this is normal.

Back from the appointment I was late for now and everything is back to normal.  Meaning, it will be hard to rely on her in the future.  There was quite a while when we didn’t even ask because she had cancelled at the last minute.

Then there was the time I had half of my kids in the hospital and she bailed on the other two because it was too hard.  That was a tense ride home from the hospital.  I made record time and it was a good thing she wasn’t there or I may have had to dig a hole in the backyard, if you get my meaning.  I am not even kidding about that one.

But we are supposed to forgive and all of that but that can be hard especially when it happens repeatedly.  Besides, how does forgiveness allow for cantankerosity?  Rants and touchy feely don’t go well together unless you are really doing it right.



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  4 Responses to “Reliability??? I should have known”

  1. Fortunately, I have a very good relation with my mother in law. She is the best I ever could wish, she always helps me with the cooking and taking care of children. I couldn’t picture myself what would I do without her!

    • My relationship is hit and miss Anna. Sometimes she is great, sometimes she is a pain. just depends on the day. Overall she is fine, I don’t avoid her or anything, but it is hard to count on her too! Thanks for reading.

  2. Oh, the mother in laws… I know almost all the jokes about them, but I have no idea if there is any truth in the jokes… My husband had lost his mother when he was a child, so I don’t have any experiences with mother in laws.

    • some of the jokes are true, some not. My Mother in Law is great sometimes, and other times a real pain. It fluctuates greatly.

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