Jun 282013
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Merry Christmas

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You might suppose that the Cantankerous Old Coots have an endless supply of the character flaw we have dubbed Cantankerosity. You would be wrong. Cantankerosity is no common good easily purchased in large quantities at Costco. It is a rare and precious quality which must be refined each day from the dross of hum drum daily life. It requires mastery and dedication. In short, effervescent and fresh as it may appear to mere mortals, it is hard work.

So today in the week before Christmas, this Coot is taking a break. Maybe it is the Christmas spirit which in spite of all I can do to stop it  has seeped into my brain and short circuited normal impulses. Maybe it is just fatigue as we draw to the end of another year. Whatever the reason as we anticipate the culmination of the Christmas season, I’m just flat out drained of Cantankerosity.  So sue me!

I plan to enjoy the pleasures of the season and ftom all the Coots I wish you and your families the joy and peace of the season as well. And if you are worried that the spirit of Christmas will infuse the Cantankerous Old Coots with mellow blandness for the next year, stop worrying. The day after Christmas when I return all the stupid gifts somebody decided I need always gets me right back to normal.

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Ralph is the inspiration for Cantankerous Old Coots and is our Grand Duke of Cantankerousness

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  4 Responses to “Cantankerosity is a state of mind”

  1. Enjoy the holidays guys.

  2. Hansi,
    For myself, I intend to do just that. Justin can’t help it. He’s got kids. Bob will have to speak for himself.

  3. Thanks Hansi, this Christmas will be good for me, I hope it is good for you as well.

  4. Christmas is really my most favorite holiday of the year and i really enjoy spending much time with the entire family during this season. How I wish today is christmas. 🙂

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