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Listen to this!—-> Frampton

If you didn’t bother listening to the audio clip above you missed out on some great Peter Frampton.  Today, I get to bring up the rear on this whole “feelings” theme.

First of all, did you like the themed edition of the Coots?  We are thinking that the first week of every month will be a theme week and you, the loyal readers of the Coots (i.e. Heather, Hansi and Dave) will be responsible for choosing that theme.  Go ahead and cast your vote right over there in the sidebar for March’s theme.  And if you have a suggestion for a theme by all means hit us with it via the contact form or in the comments.

Now onto the Cantankerousness.  We spend a lot of time here at the coots talking about basically feelings.  What feelings to have, what feelings to discard, and whose feelings to stomp into a mudhole when the time is right.  Ralph has reintroduced the Cantankerous Old Coots University to our growing audience and, hopefully, has started more and more people on the path to true Cantankerousness.

In a lot of ways, Cantankerousness equals freedom.  To be truly cantankerous, you will be embracing all of the core values that are wrapped up in the First Amendment.  Coots say what they think.  We say what needs to be said without regard for the sissy feelbads of this generation.

Sometimes, you just need to hear the hard stuff.  Like Denis Leary says, “Life sucks, get a helmet.”  Your feelings shouldn’t get in the way of the truth.  The history of America is filled with insensitivity and lack of regard for feelings.  We are stubborn and, well, cantankerous.  Do you think that the Revolutionary War would have been won or even fought if the colonists worried about the “feelings” of King George?  He sure didn’t care about us and we gave him the collective finger.

Think of the government policies regarding Indians.  (Yes I said Indians.  That is what they always were Native American is a whole other rant.  And my Great Grandmother was full blooded Arapaho so don’t give me any crap about it.)  The Indians that basically ruled what would become the United States were slaughtered and pushed to little tiny plots of undesirable land.  More than once.  And the ones who had the balls to resist (see Geronimo, ass kicker extraordinaire) were eventually snuffed out by the Government.

Cantankerousness is not just bitching about the world.  It is taking a stand and forcing your position down the throats of all the namby pamby do gooders who just don’t get what it means to be assertive.  Feelings are an invention of those who need something to explain their lack of intestinal fortitude.

This is the main mission of the Coots.  To try and jump start that intestinal fortitude that is lying dormant in so many people these days.  To show people that it is ok to put your feelings in a dark place in your heart and let them fester until they just can’t be contained anymore and you make someone cry telling them the truth and not holding back because of their “feelings”.

Now, watch this video, it sums up much of my personal philosophy very nicely.

Now tell me what you think about your feelings, the comments are open and waiting for your cantankerousness to flow.

Don’t forget to vote for next month’s theme.   Semper Fi.


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Justin is the young Coot with a Cantankerous Soul who continues to be educated by older, more cootish Ralph and Bob. His Cantankerosity is his own.

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  8 Responses to “I’ve got your feelings right here!”

  1. My favorite commercial!!! Thanks!

  2. Boy…feelings and cramming things down peoples’ throats. Too metaphorically laden for me. But still a worthy subject to explore. As you can tell, I voted for scat, and probably twice. And, Ill take this First Amendment time to tell ya that when you guys start Scat Week, I don’t want to be hearin’ about the same old shit!

    • Well Hansi, if scat wins, and it looks like it may but it is still early, I will expect a thursday post from you that is not the same old shit. Your space is reserved.

  3. Justin,
    I for one am glad to be moving on from feelings. Although where we appear to be going looks even worse. Still not much is knows about Batman’s gardener, Bat Guano.

    • I look forward to reading all about the elusive Bat Guano. You are right though, it looks to be worse. Let’s hope we get some more votes

  4. Er…Justin…what video?

  5. Such a great commercial! I haven’t seen it before, thanks for sharing!

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