Nov 262014
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Curtiss P-40 Tomahawk

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…which would be understandable, I suppose.  After all, He DOES have a lot to keep up with.

There’s the whole Libya thing, and Obama’s confusing statements about what is going on over there.  He says Kaddafi HAS to go, then says we aren’t targeting him personally.  Uh huh…that Tomahawk poked its nose under his tent flap on accident, right?

“Shit!  Missed Kaddafi, but got that punk-ass kid of his!”

And what is it the White House wants us to call what we are doing?  Not war.  No…they say this is a “kinetic military action”.  Huh?  Over 125 Tomahawk missiles (at $1.5m each) raining down on MY head would be war…and I just might lose that one.  Obama can call it what he wants, but when the military does what it’s designed to do…break things and kill people (as opposed to what it’s used for a LOT these days, a global Meals-on-Wheels Program)…it’s called war.

Ask Kaddafi what HE calls it.

Speaking of Lybia…

“Hey Bob!  I thought this post was about God’s being confused!”

“Shaddup Justin…you too, Ralph…I’m getting’ there…”

As I was sayin’ BEFORE being so rudely interrupted…speaking of Libya, since when does the United States, supposedly the most powerful nation on earth, have to get the permission of the frogs, the limeys and the UN to go kick some bully’s ass?

(Did ya hear this one…Question: “Why do the French plant large, overhanging trees along their main boulevards?”  Answer: “Because the Germans prefer to march in the shade.”)

Anyway, the way I know God is confused is the weather.  Yep, the weather.

You know that old saying “April showers bring May flowers?  Well, apparently God thinks it’s April already.  It’s been raining here for four days, and is forecast to rain for ten more.

We ARE supposed to get a break…from 2:00 to 2:15pm on Thursday.  Anybody got some SCUBA gear I can borrow?

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  7 Responses to “I think God’s confused…”

  1. God’s not confused, there’s just a plan we don’t know about. Possibly the entire plan is to mess with Bob.

    We’ll never know. ^_^

  2. What’s confusing is that nobody is particularly happy with the Libya thing. Neither the left nor the right, like what’s going on. I’m pissed that gasoline is over $4 a gallon. Well, maybe the oil companies like what’s going on.

  3. Bob,
    Try to get your rants straight here. Bombing Libya? Too much rain? Trees too big in France? Next you’ll be telling us that the peanuts are too soggy to boil properly. You need a life. Or maybe another cruise to Haiti to get your head on straight.
    And Hansi? Where are the Germans when they might be useful? I guess the Italians didn’t plant enough trees in Libya.

  4. Ralph….The Germans are probably organizing it. NATO works best when the Germans organize things, the French provide the food, and the Brits provide the troops with entertainment. You NEVER want the French to organize anything, the Brits to provide food, nor the Germans entertainment 🙂

  5. I dunno Hansi…I kinda like the “Royal Lippazon Stallions”. I know, I know…Austria. Close enough.

  6. I hope that yurt floats Bob, it is snowing here today. We have had a lot of rain and snow this spring, hopefully the clearing that is here this week will hit you next week. I can lend you my trolling motor for the yurt if it will help….

  7. God may or may not be confused but at least our President isn’t.

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