The Trials of Travel

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Jan 012014
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You all know that I’m not one to complain.

I merely observe!  Travel is a delight but it comes  at a cost because when you travel, in order to visit those exotic places with the fantastic places to see, it means leaving the country.

Leaving the country means exposing yourself to the way people live in other countries, eating food that’s cooked the way they like it and embracing (albeit carefully) their lifestyle.  You may be enchanted with the scenery, warmed by the  personality of the residents and eager  to embrace  a foreign lifestyle; still the reality is harder  to love.  Foreigners  don’t season food like  home.  Foreigners don’t cut meat the same  ways.  And look out whenever foreigners try to entice with the food  from  home because you are almost certain to be sorely disappointed.

My wife ordered a club sandwich in Rome which turned out to be three slices  of  some kind of bread with a gummy filling.  That was the last time we trusted a Roman sandwich.  I don’t think I will ever order a hamberguesa although yesterday in Peru, we discussed dropping by the local McDonalds.  Quelle horror!

Food is our biggest difficulty.  

Markets in Peru are s

Markets in Peru are super.

We are reluctant to savor  the roasted guinea pig (Cuy) which is a Peruvian delicacy.  The local corn is starchy and  bland  to our  tastes accustomed as  we  are to the  sweet corn of home.  The food we liked best is ceviche which the Peruvians do in style but away  from the coast will be limited to trout in most restaurants.

Eating out is relatively easy but since our travel lifestyle involves cooking in our apartment, we  are dependent on  the local markets  for food.  The markets in Rome were  phenomenal with fresh swordfish and tuna to cook up for dinner.  Buenos Aires supermarkets had acceptable meat to cook.  Here in Peru, however, we  find that the local lifestyle does not provide what we need to cook the food we like.  First, the availability of supermarkets is limited.  Second, the meat is unfamiliar  and unappetising.  Third the selection  of  other  goods  is  limited.

So, the  price for  travel is some inconvenience.  If you can’t embrace the local lifestyle  enthusiastically, it means  some struggle.  We  find  that we are limited in our ability to compromise and that Peru is at the limit of our ability to cope.  Nothing to criticise the Peruvians for.  They seem quite happy with their country.  It’s up to travelers to deal with difficulties in order to experience Peru.



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  1. Travelling is a lifetime experience. It may not be easy to adjust to the new environment we visit but the experience is worth it. – Kris Krohn

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