Is it just me???

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Feb 032014
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Well ladies and gentlemen, it appears 2013 is here and ready to slap us in the face and or kick us in the proverbial crotch.   It has been 21 days now and despite slow mail and waning finances, 2013 looks to be just as full of crap as 2012 was.  With the notable exception of higher taxes that got signed into law earlier this month.

By now all of our fake “resolutions” should be down the drain and we are plugging along with the same old same old.  So let me ask all of you, are you still working on your “resolutions”?  Is your life getting better or is it the same old drudge with a new date that you screw up writing once in a while.

For some, January is filled with doctor visits.  We have had several because the flex spending renewed and the new insurance is in force.  I am killing time today just waiting to take my daughter to the doc for her tonsils.  That should be a fun post from the hospital.  Maybe they will give me a picture of her tonsils on the table that I can post along with her kidney pictures.  I used to wonder what it would be like to have my tonsils in a jar on the mantle piece.

So, a question.  Is it just me or is this year truly a new start?


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  1. Its certainly a new start for me…new bride, new step-daughter, new in-laws…LOL

  2. Justin,
    I am intrigued. I thought that getting your tonsils out was like seeing a witch doctor these days. At my young age am I seeing a full cycle back to approval?

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