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Well folks it is now Wednesday and most of the turkey should be flushed from your system and allowing you to get back to work.  It has been a weekend.  Now, the fun begins.  Holiday shopping.  Black Friday was last week.  My wife said it was a good day, there were only 2 stabbings during the rush to get the deals.

Let’s look now at what the rest of the season holds.  Twinkly lights, fat guys in red suits, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding as you try to enter every store.  All of this and money.  Your hard earned money draining from your wallet and into other people’s coffers.  And yes, credit cards count in this, unless, you are planning on charging everything and then running off to another part of the country with a new name and letting Visa figure it out.  If that is you, morepow er to you, I hope the electric chair is comfortable.

For the rest of us, it gets trickier.  You see I don’t have any credit cards.  I don’t want them, I don’t need them.  I can’t handle them responsibly in my opinion so I don’t use them.  Which gets sticky at this time of year when almost all of our income is used for things like rent, power, gas (oh yes we are running on fumes close to payday).  How to buy Christmas presents for 4 little kids?  Extra work.

For me, it should be any work at all.  I could make more money tomorrow, if I got a piece of cardboard and a marker and hung out by WalMart.  So please shop at amazon through our affiliate link over there in the sidebar.  It will pay for the hosting to keep this site up and running and give me that much more from my wife’s paycheck to spend for Christmas.  But I digress.

Is it the things we get for Christmas that make us happy?  Sometimes.  Is it truly the thought that counts?  Maybe.  Is there a giant wad of cash that is going to be dropped from my bank account in the next 3 weeks?  Yes.  Should we just give each other cash and forget about it?  Should we just give up the gift thing altogether?  Probably.  A couple of years ago we decided that we were not going to buy presents for the family, at least kid to kid.  They would have to make or otherwise modify something for a gift.  That has been fun to actually make the gifts for each other.

This year we are trying to follow the same formula but it really seem slike most of the good ideas are gone and what is the point anymore?  Icarved some stone charms and made necklaces for the kids last year as good luck charms.  I have all of them in a cup on my desk now, picked up from the floors and various other places in the house.  Nowhere near their necks as good luck charms.  I am thinking that this year I will give them a stick and let them figure out what it is for.  Then, after we get back from getting stitches and a concussion taken care of, I will be smiling on the inside.

So, this Christmas season is fast approaching.  Gifts are expected.  Gifts will be given and received.  What are you planning on doing about all of this nonsense?  Me, I would just like a nap.

talk later.


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  1. Justin,
    We see the LA kid once a year for Thanksgiving and he sits in the corner on his computer so he won’t have to talk to us. The other son lives with us. We see him enough. We are skipping the whole damn thing this year and leaving the country. The only creatures that will miss us are the cats.

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