Jun 242012
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Three stories made the cut this week. You know that our standards here at the Coot’s News Service are high. We look for positive stories that can encourage you in life and if you are a regular reader you understand that those stories are hard to find. Each week is a crap shoot but sometimes we get lucky. Today we have three stories of encouragement with ideas that can inspire you or at least keep you plugging away. Let’s start here.

What’s good about getting old? 

Old Age- you can’t fight it.

As you probably know, ‘OLD’ is our middle name here at Cantankerous Old Coots. We tray to make it a badge of honor since there is absolutely nothing we can do to change that fact. Still being old carries a lot of baggage. Nobody chooses to grow old. It just happens to be a a fact of life. There is only one thing you can do to stop getting older and the finality of doing it causes most of us to accept our fate. We make all kinds of rationalizations about getting old, trying to pretend that there is actually something good about it. It is a futile exercise but we are drawn to the effort. We want to believe even while trying to remember what it was like when all your body parts worked and the future excited you. Well today’s lead article make the case that having an old brain makes up for all that you have lost. I’m not buying it, you understand but it takes your mind from thinking about getting older or the even more unpleasant alternative.

The aging brain: Why getting older just might be awesome

Back to reality. Do you read crime novels? Reading fiction about more interesting lives is a diversion many enjoy. Thinking about committing the ‘perfect’ crime is a natural result. Maybe we would never actually attempt that perfect crime but the fantasy of trying can pass many hours. It’s probably a good thing that mystery writers make a pretty good living. Otherwise their fertile imaginations might be directed to real criminal acts. I’ve often wondered whether these writers are ever tempted to take matters into their own hands and whether the law enforcement establishment would be able to catch them if they did. Today’s second story suggests that real crime may be more difficult than the made up ones in the novels.

California Mom Accused Of Planting Drugs In Volunteer’s Car Wrote Novel About ‘Perfect Crime’

Finally just one more story I can’t resist. Every day we all get bombarded with self- improvement ideas. Who of us is perfect. We could all lose a few pounds, get in better shape, learn a new skill, be a better person. You know what I mean. It’s the American curse. We are just never good enough. There is always one more thing to do before we are who we want to be. Meanwhile, we put life on hold because until we get it all right, there is no point in moving on. Well what it we are good enough right now? What if the opportunities we pass on because we are too busy making that final tweak before reaching perfection will never come again? What if we don’t even try living while we are getting ourselves right?

What if?

So that’s the news for this week. CNS hopes that the stories made you think. As you probably know, when you get old, thinking is about all you have left.




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  6 Responses to “CNS for June 24, 2012- It’s all in your head.”

  1. Hey…I write mystery novels….

  2. “California Mom Accused Of Planting Drugs In Volunteer’s Car Wrote Novel About ‘Perfect Crime’”

    Are you sure that it is fiction? Maybe the California Mom is planning into making that into reality, after all she is suspected to have criminal tendencies.

  3. One of my biggest fears is getting insane while getting old… And this fear is unfortunately real, some of my grandparents had went insane for their old years… I think it is a genetically thing, I have to take care about my nerves.

    • Regina,
      Senility is no laughing matter. I’m not going to joke about that. It is something that we all fear especially if we have seen it in a friend or relative. That said, there isn’t much you can do and worrying certainly isn’t going to help. It just ruins the present. I plan to stay active, keep my mind engaged and hop for the best.

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