5 Reasons to Embrace Jet Lag

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Jul 072014
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Up with jet lag.

Jet Lag is the travelers best fried. Despite the complaints about how jet lag messes up your trip or your return, I’ve learned to embrace jet lag for what it is- the worlds best excuse for not doing anything you don’t want to do.


Jet Lag (album)

Jet Lag (album) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m enjoying jet lag as I write this. It’s our third day back and I’m still putting stuff away, chipping away at the bills and struggling to get back to the old routine. The trip was great. We were in beautiful places, going whatever we liked and best of all, I didn’t get robbed once. Still, all good things must come to an end and Monday we flew home on the worst of all possible schedules. We left at 10:30 in the morning and 24 hours later entered our front door at midnight. We were dead tired and groggy.


My wife and I behave differently on getting home. I crash. My wife cleans. No matter, both of us are seriously still seriously jet lagged and only now beginning to recover. I woke up early and went grocery shopping in a brief surge of energy. Then I crashed later, roused for dinner and crashed again. My wife has similar patterns although our schedules don’t coincide. It’s a bit odd but otherwise, as Hillery would say, ‘What difference does it make anyway?’


Relax and go with the flow. Jet lag is not life threatening. It is painless. And it hasn’t kept us from doing anything important so from our perspective, it’s no big thing. Life will return to normal accountability soon enough. For now, I’m enjoying the relief from responsibility that comes with jet lag. I’ve decided to stop complaining about it and embrace it fully. You might want to reappraise jet lag yourself at your earliest opportunity and to help you, I’ve compiled 5 reasons to embrace jet lag.


1. You made it home
2. Nobody will question what you do
3. It’s an excuse for almost anything
4. It distracts you from annoying real life problems
5. It’s over when you say it’s over.


Jun 112014
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Originally posted 2012-03-23 06:02:42. Republished by Blog Post Promoter

Hello there.  Today I am bringing you a post about Golf.  Golf has some interesting origins in Scotland and some great benefits as you will read.  Feel free to discuss in the comments….

Golf: an Exciting Sport

If you enjoy creative problem-solving, golf is a game you may want to consider. This is because the problems encountered on the golf course require the application of creative problem solving skills. Besides the mental effort entailed, many players love golf sport because it allows them to develop good eye-hand coordination, build patience and foster perseverance. All these are important qualities that can be readily transferred to any other area of your life, to boost positive outcomes, whether it concerns work, business, studies, familial responsibilities or personal hobbies. The beauty of golf is that it allows you to engage in a leisurely game, benefit from physical activity and apply mental effort, all of which occur in pleasant outdoor settings. Golf is also a highly recommended game for individuals recovering from sports injuries. This is because the game isn’t very physically exerting, which helps to assist in recovery from injury as well as prevent further injuries.

What Makes Golf a Great Sport?

For some, golf may not appear to be much of a sport or worthwhile game to engage in. The constant walking all over a field, in pursuit of a small, white golf ball, may appear dull and uninspiring. However, here are some reasons that make golf sport a great game.

  • Boosts the Wellbeing – the best sports game I love, golf, is highly therapeutic and relaxing. Going out to play on the golf course brings you into direct contact with nature. You get to see, at close range, vast areas of beautiful green grass, spot birds and butterflies freely flying around and enjoy the sight of clear blue skies. This is both a pleasurable and relaxing experience. Indeed, the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful scenery is reason enough as to why I love golf.
  • Develops Discipline – as with most sports, the love of golf does not develop overnight. As you engage in practice sessions on a regular basis, you steadily develop an appreciation of the commitment and diligence that it takes to perfect your game. For the most part, developing your skills in golf requires individual effort. Unlike some games such as football, basketball or ice hockey, which clearly involve team effort, golf has a different arrangement. Enthusiasm for the game is largely a matter of personal inclination. However, once you grasp an appreciation for the game, you’ll steadily develop more commitment to excel. The game also provides plenty of opportunities to test your skills, by engaging in competitions, some of which may involve teams.
  • Engaging Game – not only is golf relaxing, it is also very engaging. The game involves a great deal of walking all over the golf course and the application of sustained mental effort. This makes for an intriguing game and one that allows you to take a complete break from stressful situations at work or elsewhere. The relaxation that golf provides in an outdoor setting is enough to make one love golf sport more than any other. It is an excellent stress reliever and helps you to develop a clear perspective of things beyond the golf course.
  • Financial Gain – for some, golf love is motivated by business reasons or a desire to understand more about the business aspects of the sport. Many business people who engage in golf find that the golf course is an excellent place to develop new business partnerships and strike deals. Likewise, for many new golfers, business reasons are the main motivation for the love of golf sport. Check out the resources here for more regarding the business aspects of sports.
  • Physical Activity – golf players engage in a lot of walking. Quite often, players will walk for more than 18 holes, which can be equated to a distance of more than 3 miles. Walking is a great form of physical activity and helps to promote good health. Besides walking, golfers also have to regularly swing and carry their golf clubs. This helps to burn up calories and keep you fit. Those who regularly engage in the game a couple of times each week can be sure of getting a fair amount of exercise.


Benefits of Playing Golf. (2012) Golf Link.

What are the Benefits of Playing Golf? (2012) Golfing Tips for Every Shot.

Why Play Golf? (2010) 3 Good Shots.

Why Play Golf? (2012) ABC of Golf.

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Down with August

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Jun 112014
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Originally posted 2013-08-18 09:36:50. Republished by Blog Post Promoter

I’ve got the August Blues

Too Darn Hot

Too Darn Hot

We are only halfway through August and this Coot is already ready to throw in the towel. August starts out in the negative, if for no other reason than being the hottest month of the year in these parts. Hot, in the idyllic sierra foothills means 100 degrees or better. It stresses the plants;It dampens the spirits; and it makes everyone long for cooler days when it is pleasant to be outdoors;

In addition September brings a change of pace, the end of Summer, the start of school and an invigorated commitment to stop playing around and getting serious about earning some more income. All the more reason to want the doldrums of August to end. Continue reading »

Jun 112014
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Yesterday voters sent a message to Washington:  “Change course, or the price will be worse next time.”

Sure, the slaughter could have been worse…indeed many wished it had been…but the reality is the change was historic.  I’ll cover the post-mortem over at JuicyMaters.com later today, but here and now I’d like to make one point:

It’s time to cut California loose and let the self-destruction be theirs to deal with.

Californians, with skyrocketing unemployment, home foreclosure rates far above the national average, and a border war with Mexico being sabotaged by sanctuary city after sanctuary city, had a choice.  They could continue with the single most partisan senator in congress, Barbara Boxer, a woman who is more concerned with being called “senator” instead of “M’am”, a woman who considers feeding at the government trough high cuisine, a woman who has never had to make a payroll or create a job, or…

They could choose Carly Fiorina, a proven CEO of a major tech company, who actually created jobs (despite lies told by the Boxer campaign) and who understands living within a budget and not spending money you don’t have.

They could choose “Governor Moonbeam”, a governor from the history books whose failed policies in the past were a large part of the start of the state’s present woes, a classic tax and spend big government liberal, or…

They could choose Meg Whitman, another female former big company CEO whose business background would serve California well these days.

In both cases, Californians chose the big government, big tit to suck, alternative.  Fine. Let them rely on the nanny state…but let their nanny state be their own, not the rest of the country.

Republicans now control the purse strings in congress.  When California comes begging for the inevitable bail out, congress should tell them “folks deserve help when they first help themselves, and you didn’t, California.”

“You are on your own.  Tell Jerry and Babs to fix it.”

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Haiku.  Who picks these topics to vote on….ok it was me so I guess I asked for it.  I sat down to write this post and tried to figure out how to address haiku without writing a bunch of them.  (I did write this part of the post before Ralph got his post out, but had I written a bunch of haiku I would just look like a follower and that is in no way cantankerous.)   So I decided to see how many words I could think of that rhymed with haiku.

Here goes: achoo, pew, phew, do….. Eventually I am going to get in trouble for words that people get offended by.  Sorry Bob, I’ll stop with the list.

So now, I have to laugh at this picture, explaining a Japanese poem in Russian with a bit of English tossed in.  Just struck me as funny that’s all.



Ok so haiku, a small poem with a 5-7-5 structure.  Used to create something profound or beautiful in a structured, disciplined way.  I am not good sticking to those rules.  I like my meter to flow better.  Iambic Pentameter is kind of fun, sticking each like to 10 syllables but haiku is just not long enough.  That must mean I am too wordy.  (Shut up Ralph).

I do agree that limericks are much more fun to write and to read but that is not the topic.  You know I went and read the Wikipedia article about haiku and as much history and significance as they put into it,  it still sounds like a bunch of drunk Japanese guys writing BS and passing it off as art.

My opinion.  If you are a huge fan of the art, write me a post about it and I will run it.  Other wise…..at least limericks written by drunk Irishmen are funny or even profound.

So here is a Coots toast to Haiku:

I hope I never

am forced to write another

a stinking Haiku.

Have a good weekend kids, we will be back with more on Sunday with Ralph’s look at the news.  Right now, I have to go shovel some snow.  Spring in Utah, gotta love it.


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