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Time flies. Given that it’s been a while since I checked in with a contribution to the blog you might be asking what I’ve been up to. I’m not sure how to explain my inactivity. It’s not exactly that I’ve been busy- although I have been focusing on other activities more than COC. It’s not exactly that I’ve lost interest in posting – although the amount of comments suggests that either no one is reading COC or, if they are, they don’t much care for the content. It doesn’t matter. I get drawn back here like a moth to the flame. I just seem incapable of staying away. Once more I’m speaking my mind and letting it all hang out. Today, Thanksgiving is on my mind. Thanksgiving is almost on us and, dog gone it, I’m excited. I can’t explain but, no matter the reason, today I’m thankful.
Being thankful comes easy to Americans. We live in the greatest country ever. We have great traditions and a glorius track record of accomplishments. Thanksgiving is a time when we celebrate our history but there is more to Thanksgiving than political history and philosophy. Thanksgiving is also a celebration of abundance and a successful harvest. It’s a time to indulge the appetites and cravings suppressed throughout the rest of the year and relase the inner glutton that gets beaten down at other times.

Happy Thanksgiving from the Cantakerous Old Coots

Happy Thanksgiving from the Cantakerous Old Coots

I’t only natural to feel Thankful at Thanksgiving when you can finally free your inner gourmand. At last you can take a seat at a dining table loaded with delicious food and dig in with reckless abandon. After long months of watching your weight, counting your calories and measuring you cholesterol, it’s time to indulge. Thanksgiving provides an excuse to stuff yourself like a hog without worrying about snide comments deriding your expanding paunch. Finally it’s time to eat big like your grandparents instead of your teenage grand daughter and enjoy the bounty of our fruitful country. Thanksgiving embodies traditional American values as translated into a bountiful feast. Continue reading »

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Hello all. I hope your January is going well. I was looking for something to talk about to day and came across this debacle. Enjoy the podcast and the video.

Check out these links from the podcast:

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  5. Ask a Coot!

Comments and sharing are not only appreciated, but expected!


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Down with Spring

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Sep 022014
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It’s no big deal!

People make a big deal out of Spring but I‘ve decided it’s nothing special.  There is no perfect season.  I should know after all these years. The delights of Spring exist mainly in the imagination just like most all the other good things.  Our fantasies are generally wishful thinking about the next season after putting up with the worst of the current season.  We long for warm sunny days after the chill of winter.  After Summer’s inferno, even winter cold seems appealing.

Then too, modern life makes weather largely irrelevant.  With the exception of the occasional blizzard or hurricane, we can pretty much ignore weather.   Still, we dream about the perfect Spring day hyped by newspapers, TV and radio.  Even when the weather is perfect, we hardly notice.  We live in a bubble these days, moving rapidly from one artificial environment to another enduring the brief exposure to nature with mild annoyance.

Sure sign of Spring - Robin - Bird

Sure sign of Spring – Robin – Bird (Photo credit: blmiers2)

Real weather is so lame!  Each delight is burdened by some annoying reality.  Breathe in the balmy, fragrant Spring air and spend the rest of the day stuffed up with allergies.  Lounge on the soft Spring grass and end up with hundreds of bug bites.  Take off your shirt to let the pleasant  Spring sun warm your skin and end up with your first sunburn of the season.  Imagination is much more comfortable than reality.

I prefer fantasy.

We ignore the reality and indulge the ideal.  We remember  those special days that reflect the best each season offers-  the cool summer day after a rainstorm, the first day the daffodils begin to bloom,  that Saturday when the leaves show their most brilliant color, the first snow on the mountains.  Each of those days is special and makes a statement about the best each season can offer.  Unfortunately there are very few of those days- some years not even one- and the rest are a disappointing mixed bag.

A further problem is that Spring is a transition between the cold of Winter and the heat of Summer, it a constant state of flux.  What I always want in Spring is just enough warmth so that I enjoy being outdoors.  It’s beautiful when the buds are bursting and the spring flowers popping but what I dream of is the balmy temperatures, 90 days of 70 degree days would be perfect.  Ideally, Spring would arrive promptly in the early weeks of March with pleasant warmth and last until the end of May.  Rain is ok so long as it comes at night leaving the buds and blossoms dewy and fragrant and the days sunny.

Of course, that’s not how it works.  We don’t get 90 days of perfect weather.  Spring begins with snow and ends with an inferno.   At first, it is a tease.  Glimmers of warmth, swept away by Winter cold fighting to retain dominance.  Showers and sometimes even real thunderstorms come and stay for days at a time. Those perfect days are hard to come by.  Then it gets worse.

Winter loses its hold but just when it seems that Spring can finally dominate, Summer engages.  We start to get warm or even hot temperatures breaking into those balmy Spring days and as time passes, hot begins to dominate.  What ought to be a perfectly delightful period of pleasant temperatures while everything greens up and begins to bloom is a battle zone where moderation first battles cold and when it finally seems to have control is attacked by Summer.  It is a time of endless frustration.

Spring is a tease!

So I say down with Spring, that eternal tease that promises so much and gives to little.  No wonder we live our lives moving from one artificial environment to another drugged up with antihistamines.  With Winter and Summer you know you are going to get unpleasantness and discomfort.  You expect to seek refuge in the comforts of your home indulging in the best artificial environments that money can buy.  Winter and Summer are honest.  Spring, that dewy innocent appearing season which promises so much and delivers so little is a dishonest tramp.  That’s the way I see it and right now I can’t wait for the harsh realities of summer.  I don’t want any more of Spring’s empty promises.  How about you?

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Sep 022014
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NEW YORK, NY - SEPTEMBER 26: A demonstrator ho...

Image by Getty Images via @daylife

“If you leave the smallest corner of your head vacant for a moment, other people’s opinions will rush in from all quarters.” George Bernard Shaw

Just ask those kids down on Wall Street.

If you listen to pundits, they always want you to be open minded. “Give other people’s ideas a chance,” they tell you. “And it will make for a better world.”

Maybe that’s true. Maybe the world would be a better place if ideas were flowing through open minds like worms through apples. It might be nice if the world were a better place. Still, I don’t know if opening my mind to other people’s thoughts will make my world better. I’m not sure I want anything to do with what most people think.

Most people are nuts!

First of all there is a lot of craziness out there. Just look at the nut jobs polluting wall street- and I’m not just talking about their ideas. If you listen to those dim bulbs, everything should be free, including toilets and when you can’t shit for free, then your only alternative is to shit on a cop car. Well, I’m not buying their ideas, tempting as they might be because I’ve been around this block before. Old timers remember the 60’s because we lived them. We used to tell people not to trust anyone over 30 and demand a new world order. It was just as nutty as the wall street demonstrators but back then, we hadn’t been around the block so it seemed more reasonable. What did those old timers really know anyway and why should we let them run things. That’s the way it always looks to the inexperienced. When you haven’t lived much, it all seems so simple.

I was tempted! 

I didn’t buy into the demonstrations back then although I must admit being seriously tempted and a funny thing happened over time. I grew up. I took on responsibilities and obligations. It was a big trauma on my 30th birthday because I crossed the line and became untrustworthy. When I stopped to think about it, however, I couldn’t find any difference. I was still the same guy with the same hangups and the same dreams. It was the beginning of my recovery. Over time I took my place in society; earned my way, raised my kids and became part of the world that had seemed so wrong just a few years back.

Get your heads straight, kiddos! 

With any luck, those kids down on Wall Street will find their way back as well. And maybe when the authorities finally break up the herd, those dim bulbs will have a chance to reflect on life and think for themselves. It’s a natural thing to want life easy when you are a kid and when you have parents whose every thought in life was to help their kids avoid difficulty. That’s not the way life works though. The easy path often provides the least satisfaction and the smallest rewards. A life without challenges is empty but that is what those kids think they want.

Somehow their dreams and goals got waylaid and left them empty headed and rudderless. As a result they are vulnerable to any silliness floating around. Well their heads aren’t empty any longer and they have lost their mission in life leaving only dependency and whining.

Wake up and look down the road. 

Most of those kids will turn 30 and grow up just like my generation but nothing is helped by indulging them in their silliness. They’ve had their fun. It’s all been a great party but there is nothing in that experience to move them or our country forward. It’s time for them to go home and get a job.

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Image by TheTruthAbout… via Flickr

Maybe you think that we are too negative at Coots.  All the time you keep hearing about things we don’t like.  You might conclude that Coots are never positive and that we don’t like things.  You would be very wrong but to be fair – how would you know.  After long conferences  and much cantankerosity, the Coots have a solution.  We are going to show you our positive sides from time to time.  We are going to title these posts ‘Up With” and in them we will highlight things that we like and want to see more of.  Look for the first of these posts soon and then expect to see more of them from time to time.

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