Down with Taxes

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Mar 312015
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It’s that time of year.

It ought to get easier eash yera.  It never does.

It ought to get easier eash yera. It never does.

Every year I vow to get the agony over early. There is nothing pleasant about preparing taxes. Even getting money back only means you let the government take even more than they say is proper. It’s still way too much. This year I thought I was ahead of schedule but when I began to dig out all my paperwork, I discovered that I last year’s filing was already off my desk by this time last year. I certainly don’t get any pleasure from seeing that file on the corner of my desk as I focus on more pleasant tasks. I don’t know why I can’t just suck it up and get it done early. Maybe I just enjoy the agony. Continue reading »

Feb 232015
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Hey all readers of the coots!  Tuesday has been an empty hole around here so today we are going to change that.  If you have been under a rock lately and the only ray of sunshine has been the writings of the coots you may have missed the fact that all three of us have our own blogs that we write on.  Over there to the right under each of our pictures are the latest posts from our RSS feeds but I think there needs to be even more.

So starting here, today, you are going to get a whole bunch of links to each of our sites, to help you get familiar with the wonderful posts from the past week.  This one is a bit longer than most will be (except Ralph’s) but here it goes!

First, we have Bob writing for 2 blogs of his own making.  The first one is Juicy Maters over at

An article about gardening and canning and bringing back some of the “old” ways.  Click Here.

Next, a survey to help Bob figure out what he is doing.  Click Here.

And finally, a treatise on dirt and planting with a bit of coding and programming tossed in. (Bob is complex)  Click Here.

Bob also has moved all of his political stuff over to his new blog at

Check out these articles:

First, Bob gets going on politicians again.  Click Here

He then goes on a couple of people who would like to be president but are not going to make it.  Click Here

And then to taxes….We all have to pay them and it is time to reflect on what they mean.  Click Here


Ralph has loads of information about old things….Retirement, nostalgia and the like.  Check out some great stuff he has written on over at

First up is a post about new ideas…hopefully you can get some from here.  Click Here.

Next we have one of my favorite bands, and one that gets confused for the Beatles quite often.  The British invasion had so much more to offer than the Beatles, like the Dave Clark 5!  Click Here

Next Ralph tried to post a home video of his trip to Lake Tahoe but it looks like it was yanked for copyright infringement!  Go Ralph, you Rebel!  Click Here to join this madness.

And finally a post about your perfect day.  Click Here.

And bringing up the rear (sweeping up after the horses as it goes) is me!  My blog is over at

First up, an overview of our new family adventure in Geocaching!  Click Here.

Next, a post about my kids, and how they are growing up.  Click Here

And today, a silly poem about a fish.  Click Here.


There you have it for this week, Next Tuesday will be more and possible some from deep in the archives of our blogs.  Thanks for reading.




Down with Smart People

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Feb 232015
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Smart People are always wrong
One thing I have learned over my lifetime is that everything we think we know is wrong. And if you don’t believe it, just wait ten years and compare what you know to be true now with what you knew to be true then. After a while it all blurs. I think it was in the 80’s when the smart people were saying that we were headed for a new ice age. If you notice, it didn’t happen. Then recently those same smart people were telling us that the climate was changing and that we were all going to burn up if we don’t go live in a cave. Last year was the coldest winter on record for some time. Then there was the Club of Rome back in the 70’s that said we were running out of resources and that civilization would run into the ground by the 90’s. We haven’t heard much from those folks lately either and it you notice despite the prodigious efforts of our politicians,.civilization is still keeping on.

Education affects their brains in bad ways
It seems that education somehow affects the brain and causes people with too many degrees to believe that they actually know something. And the worst part of it is that once they convince themselves that they are on to the truth, it becomes their mission to make sure that stupid people like you and me don’t mess things up. If they had to rely on their own abilities, the world would be safe, because these smart people, by and large, are not very powerful. They use big words. They write incomprehensible reports and they don’t like to mix with the common folk. Lucky for them, the government is so entrenched in the funding of research that our elected officials buy into their agenda like hogs at a trough.

Politicians are like drunken whores- they bend over
Politicians are not smart, they are canny. They suck up to their constituents and try to reflect the character and opinions of their districts. But they really want to be with the smart people and so they will bend over like drunken whores to get included in the smart people gatherings. This bending over usually involves legislation that forces us to do whatever the smart people think will solve the big problem of the day. The smart people love it when they can make us stupid ones behave and so to accomplish this aim they will put up with the politicians even though they aren’t smart. Tale Al Gore, for example.  Watch him for 5 minutes and tell me that he is smart.

Today too many people think they are smart
In the past, this situation stayed under control because most voters were quick to vote out of office, anybody that went off the reservation. Not so today. Higher education has become so available and so perverted over the last 20 years that everybody thinks they are one of the smart people because they went to college. Nobody tells them that learning to be an accountant is just like learning to be a plumber or an auto mechanic. Accountants are considered special because they went to college while plumbers are just tradesmen. With so many people going to college which has been downgraded to trade school, there are just too many people who now think they are smart. And these pretend smart people no longer use common sense to make judgments. They listen to the real smart people or worse to the bent over politicians. So now there is nothing to check the egos of the smart people and the whoring of the politicians because common sense is considered stupid.

Smart People and Politicians are a deadly combination
What I know now is that unless something changes we are doomed to live in a world where we are required by law to conform to whatever new doom predictions the smart people devise. They will continue to be wrong, although one of the prerogatives of being one of the smart people is that they never have to say they are sorry. They just stop talking about the old problem and start talking about the new one. The problem is the regulations and legislation to save the world from the last crisis will not go away and our freedom and opportunity becomes smaller and the power of the smart people becomes ever more oppressive.

Feb 232015
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I am not as old as Ralph.  I was too young to remember all of the good things in the ’70’s.  I do remember MTV’s launch, Reagan’s inauguration and the Challenger disaster.  I have also seen the country turn into a nearly spineless glob of crap.  People will say we are strong.  Well we were.  Clinton came along and shut down so much military that we are not the crushing powerhouse we used to be.

Good thing the rest of the world has deteriorated as well.  I am here at 36 years old looking back at how we have brought drugs, rap music and that bull-crap “Green” movement to the country.  For some reason the last 15 years or so have been filled with people spouting sewage about how it is everyone’s fault that we have nice things.

If you don’t have those stupid twisty light bulbs and high efficiency toilets you are a bad bad person!  Unplug your TV at night so it doesn’t take .005 cents worth of electricity.  I refuse to do this.  I leave my computer on all night too.

I miss my 1977 V8 Ford Pickup that got 8 miles to a gallon if I was lucky.  That sucker had some torque and power.  I saw a show on the Travel Channel the other day where they were still using the styrofoam containers at the McDonalds in Italy.  I miss those.

I am thoroughly convinced that my Great Grandfather would fall over dead if he saw how this country was going.  Of course he would be in jail for assaulting the guy that came by telling him he couldn’t water his lawn that much or how his fertilizer was not “approved”.  Knowing my Grandpa, he would probably lynch the sucker in his apple tree.

I hate being part of this generation of pussification.  I am about sick to death of going green.  I am tired of the city where I live wanting everyone to recycle but only picking up the can every other week.  I am only recycling less than half of what I could.  And why bother.

Like our good friend Howard Beal, “I’m Mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore!”  I am going to go burn something in my backyard.  I have a firepit, and as long as you “cook” something on it they don’t complain.  There is a dog next door…..

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