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Sep 022014
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The whole idea of ‘vim and vigor’ used to amuse me. It seemed old fashioned, the kind of remark that my grandma would make. Of course that was back when I had it. Now that I’m older than my grandmother, it’s not so funny.

The dictionary says it means strength and enthusiasm, qualities which are becoming more elusive with each passing day. I never thought that ‘vim’ was an actual English word. I learn now that it is; derived from the Latin for strength. It doesn’t matter because, for me, ‘vim’ is a quality in short supply.

Not me!

Not me!

These days I find I’m spending half the day finding the ‘vim and vigor’ to get our of bed. I don’t feel old exactly- although I couldn’t tell what that might mean. I can find the energy to get up and at ‘em eventually and when I do I feel just as capable of taking on the day as ever. It’s just that the sense of urgency is gone. Getting up is driven more by a full bladder than eagerness to take on the day.

I have plans, hopes and dreams just like always. What is misssing these days is the urgency.  Even more I have the feeling that I’ll be much more energetic if I lie here just a few minutes more. Certainly the body is less willing these days. What troubles me more is the realization that so is my mind.

C’est la vie. Continue reading »

Jul 292014
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Adequate ventilation has also been regarded as...

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Hello all.  You may be asking yourself why Justin is writing this post instead of Bob.  Ok it is more likely you didn’t even notice until I brought it up.  Anyway, our good friend Bob has been having some rather serious health issues as of late and spent this past weekend in the hospital.

These are the times people hope they have the best nurses who are skilled and who have taken online nursing classes.

The details are his to share but let me say that in the medical field, even the most simple and straightforward of things can be the most dangerous.  He spent the weekend in the hospital and should be out soon for some recovery before he goes back in again.  He will be spending far too much time, heck he has spent far too much time in hospitals already.

He told us he took his laptop with him to keep up on what is going on, but, I know how hard it was to use the computer when I was a visitor in the hospital with my daughter, much less the patient in a morphine daze.

Anyway, Bob being Bob, I know he will try to log on and see where the internet is leaving him so I would ask all of you reading this post right here, right now, to comment and send Bob your get well wishes.  You can always email him as well, bob@cantankerousoldcoots.com.  Let him know you are thinking of him and we hope he will make a speedy recovery and get back to writing here and over at JuicyMaters.com.

Thanks for reading.


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Jul 292014
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Well folks we have done it, we actually recorded an interview with Bob!  We did record with video, but the video didn’t turn out very good.  there is still a video but it is not live, unless you want to have an epileptic seizure.  Let me know if you want the raw video, and get a pillow so you don’t hurt yourself during the seizure.  So enjoy either in a static video or as an audio, both are downloadable! (It takes a minute for the video to load, please be patient!)

Click here to download the audio only version in wonderful MP3! (right click and save as…you know the drill)



Well now, here are the notes and links of things that we talked about.

First, Bob’s sites: http://juicymaters.com and http://commonsenseconversation.com.

Next we talked about the Pioneer Woman’s site http://pioneerwoman.com

After that came Dr. WordPress, Dave Doolin.  He has several sites but the one we talked about is at http://website-in-a-weekend.net  It is a great site to learn about wordpress and getting your own blog set up.

Next we plug Ralph’s site: http://ralphcarlsonblog.com and Justin’s main site http://justinsbrainpan.com.

If you are interested in the book we talked about, Essential wisdom of the Founding Fathers, click our affiliate link *HERE* and then click this link: http://www.amazon.com/Essential-Wisdom-Founding-Fathers/dp/1435111494/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1310977614&sr=8-1.  We may as well make a few cents if you go ahead and buy the book.

Warren G. Harding was mentioned as a president that Bob admires, *HERE* is the Wikipedia page.  *Addendum* We were wrong.  Warren G. Harding was president in 1920 but not the guy that Bob admires.  The real admiree was Hardings Vice President and later President Calvin Coolidge.  Click *HERE* for his wikipedia page.

If you want to know more about the No Fly List, you can click *HERE* for the Wikipedia page, or you can go to http://www.no-fly-list.com and see if you are on the list too.

The Constitution of the United States is one of the most important Documents that we have in this country.  If you haven’t read it in a while, check it out:  http://www.archives.gov/exhibits/charters/constitution.html  While you are there Check out the Declaration of Independence as well, it is important.  http://www.archives.gov/exhibits/charters/declaration.html

This here is Bob’s Ford that I yanked off of one of his posts, not like it really matters, but I want to be thorough!

Bob has his Blubrry channel at http://www.blubrry.com/coffee_club/ but he would prefer you to listen at http://commonsenseconversation.com

Thanks for listening/watching, we will be having more interviews in the near future!












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Jul 292014
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George Carlin was an inconvenient nudge. Never constrained by conventional wisdom and most often delightfully sane in a crazy world. We need a truthteller like George who died in 2008. Here is his take on the environment and the planet.

” The planet is just fine- the people are f*****.”

Down with flying!

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Jul 292014
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It’s not the airlines‘ fault that air travel is so demeaning and degrading. Blame it on the public for demanding cheap transportation. Think about the degrading humiliation that air travel inflicts on every traveler these days. It violates every tenant of customer service. What organization would go out of their way to insult and demean their customers as a business plan for success? Unthinkable, isn’t it? It is a formula for failure in every market except one – transportation.  In transportation we will accept any torture so long as you get us there cheap.

A recent trip reminded me just what humiliation we accept in exchange for cheap transportation. Young folks have no idea what air travel was like a mere twenty years ago when flying was civilized, passengers were treated like welcome guests and airlines competed by the amenities they offered. The new 747’s allowed airlines to offer passenger lounges – some with piano bars on trans-continental flights. Meals were offered on most long flights and though they were never much better than TV dinners, it was hot food, served with style and professionalism. TWA baked bread during the flights. Many airlines brought hot towels to refresh passengers at the end of the flight. Blankets and pillows were always available just by pushing the stewardess call button. Boarding was civilized as well because passengers checked baggage and carried only what they might need during the flight. You dressed up to fly because civilized people cared about their appearance and, of course, in those days you didn’t have to undress to get through security.  And this was flying coach.

In those days, people flew because they wanted to get from one place to another fast and they were willing to pay for the privilege. People that weren’t, rode the bus or the train. Those were wonderful days. Flying wasn’t cheap but it was civilized.

Contrast those days with my trip this week. Start with the luggage. Most airlines now penalize customers for checking bags with the natural result that every passenger boards the plane with all their worldly possessions in hand. Without baggage, you never have to check in and can go directly to security, easing the burden of providing service by the airlines but upping the burden on TSA. This makes you a nuisance if you do want to free yourself from lugging your bag through security to the gate and on the plane. Most airlines now charge you for that service. They want to have as little to do with you as possible. And if they must deal with you personally, you will pay for that privilege.

Boarding is shear hell. You stand in line waiting for your boarding call, then lug your baggage down the boarding tunnel and wait while all the people ahead of you stuff the compartments with their luggage and squeeze into their seats. Dante must be smiling as he watches this modern day hell. Arriving you just reverse the process until you reach the relative comfort and civilization of the terminal,  And we accept this! When we used to expect this.

What has brought us to this total breakdown of civilization we call flying? I think we asked for it. You ask how? Well come back on Monday to see what I think.

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