Nov 262014
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Time flies. Given that it’s been a while since I checked in with a contribution to the blog you might be asking what I’ve been up to. I’m not sure how to explain my inactivity. It’s not exactly that I’ve been busy- although I have been focusing on other activities more than COC. It’s not exactly that I’ve lost interest in posting – although the amount of comments suggests that either no one is reading COC or, if they are, they don’t much care for the content. It doesn’t matter. I get drawn back here like a moth to the flame. I just seem incapable of staying away. Once more I’m speaking my mind and letting it all hang out. Today, Thanksgiving is on my mind. Thanksgiving is almost on us and, dog gone it, I’m excited. I can’t explain but, no matter the reason, today I’m thankful.
Being thankful comes easy to Americans. We live in the greatest country ever. We have great traditions and a glorius track record of accomplishments. Thanksgiving is a time when we celebrate our history but there is more to Thanksgiving than political history and philosophy. Thanksgiving is also a celebration of abundance and a successful harvest. It’s a time to indulge the appetites and cravings suppressed throughout the rest of the year and relase the inner glutton that gets beaten down at other times.

Happy Thanksgiving from the Cantakerous Old Coots

Happy Thanksgiving from the Cantakerous Old Coots

I’t only natural to feel Thankful at Thanksgiving when you can finally free your inner gourmand. At last you can take a seat at a dining table loaded with delicious food and dig in with reckless abandon. After long months of watching your weight, counting your calories and measuring you cholesterol, it’s time to indulge. Thanksgiving provides an excuse to stuff yourself like a hog without worrying about snide comments deriding your expanding paunch. Finally it’s time to eat big like your grandparents instead of your teenage grand daughter and enjoy the bounty of our fruitful country. Thanksgiving embodies traditional American values as translated into a bountiful feast. Continue reading »

Sep 022014
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Great men don’t grow on trees.

Once in a lifetime, maybe even two lifetimes, a great man comes along. Who knows if it is the times that make the man or if the quality of greatness just can’t be contained and bursts through whatever the times. Whatever, it is clear to me that we now have such a man in the White House. Who can deny that our President brings together Kansas common sense, third world understanding and Ivy League intellect in one polished bundle. I have to confess that until now his greatness eluded me. I was intrigued when he was first anointed in the Iowa caucuses. After all what could those ethanol sniffing rubes in our heartland know about greatness?  He emerged as a man to watch but I didn’t think he had the seasoning to make it through the grueling primaries just to get the Democrat Party nomination let alone take the prize. There were a few tense moments but the competition collapsed under the charm and wit of the future President.

Now looking back, it is all clear. He said he was going to transform the country and indeed he has. The power of his election swept huge majorities in both houses of Congress and the rest is history. The man is impressive.

But wait, there’s more

Much as I had to respect his accomplishments up to now, however, my respect for his greatness got an even bigger boost recently when I discovered that among his impressive talents was one I never suspected- the man can read my heart.

He knows my inner secrets

Deep in my innermost being there is an uncontrollable urge that takes primacy over all others. I don’t usually express it publicly but truly every action that I take is based on a force I can’t control. I never knew what to call it. I never spoke about it until now and it was never a big topic with my political bedfellows even though I was sure that we shared this urge. It wasn’t until the President called me out that I recognized it for what it was- my holy grail. The Presidents great insight pierced my being to the core and reveled that it was more than an urge; even more than a passion. It was the holy grail of my being. I lust to give tax cuts to the wealthy.

It feels so good to be free at last

I can’t tell you what a relief the President’s great insight provided me. I had always been confused by actions for which I could never identify a core belief. Before I never understood how my actions and political beliefs must have been incomprehensible to others. Our President was not confused. He saw clearly into my heart and spoke truth to my confusion. Democrats have always been confounded by the inexplicable behavior of Republicans because it made no sense. How could Republicans be so stupid and self-destructive by giving tax cuts to people with more money than they have. They didn’t understand that uncontrollable urge and certainly not its power over Republicans. They never realized that this peculiar urge was our Holy Grail.

Thanks to the President’s wisdom, I am free from confusion and doubt. Now that I understand the forces controlling me, I can hope for salvation and maybe even a cure for my malady. I owe it all to a great man – President Obama.

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Up with ‘Vim and Vigor’

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Sep 022014
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The whole idea of ‘vim and vigor’ used to amuse me. It seemed old fashioned, the kind of remark that my grandma would make. Of course that was back when I had it. Now that I’m older than my grandmother, it’s not so funny.

The dictionary says it means strength and enthusiasm, qualities which are becoming more elusive with each passing day. I never thought that ‘vim’ was an actual English word. I learn now that it is; derived from the Latin for strength. It doesn’t matter because, for me, ‘vim’ is a quality in short supply.

Not me!

Not me!

These days I find I’m spending half the day finding the ‘vim and vigor’ to get our of bed. I don’t feel old exactly- although I couldn’t tell what that might mean. I can find the energy to get up and at ‘em eventually and when I do I feel just as capable of taking on the day as ever. It’s just that the sense of urgency is gone. Getting up is driven more by a full bladder than eagerness to take on the day.

I have plans, hopes and dreams just like always. What is misssing these days is the urgency.  Even more I have the feeling that I’ll be much more energetic if I lie here just a few minutes more. Certainly the body is less willing these days. What troubles me more is the realization that so is my mind.

C’est la vie. Continue reading »

Jul 292014
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Originally posted 2011-04-07 09:30:03. Republished by Blog Post Promoter

Moot the Hoople reunion gig, 2009.

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Hello folks.  Today should be a podcast day but I am still having issues on when to record the stupid thing so there will be no crying babies or kids shows in the background.  I am still planning on doing podcasts hoping to attract some more readers/listeners to this site!

I want to take a short poll  cuing off of Ralph’s Monday post.  (check out this picture.  I type in “Ralph’s” and I get Mick Ralphs from Mott the Hoople.  Go figure.)

The poll is two fold and answered in comments.  First, is anyone besides Ralph and Bob listening?  let me know.  Second, what would you like to be hearing from the podcast?  Are there topics you would like to hear about?  I am planning some interviews with interesting bloggers for the near future as well.

Just as an aside, a pop-up window just popped up and showed me possible matches from  First of all, I have never  even been to so I know it is a random ad, right?  Then how ‘come all of the “possible best matches” on there are GUYS????  I am not sure where they get their demographic information but I am ready to protest….

So that is all for today, at least right now.  Go read something from the archives or head over to Bob’s site at, or even Ralphs site at  If you are really bored, head over to my site at  All of us have so much to write about that we have to spread it around.  Like fertilizer.

Anyhow, please answer my questions to the best of your ability, your feedback will be invaluable to the future of the podcast.  You canleave a comment or hit the email form over on the right, or click the email link under any of our names over there.  Thanks in advance.


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Jul 292014
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Originally posted 2010-06-02 07:00:15. Republished by Blog Post Promoter

I am sitting here in my first college class of the new term. In front of me is a lady (and I use the term loosely) who needs to learn where her waist is. As she sat down, her shirt pulled up and it was clear her pants are probably a size or two too small.

Then we have the males with their pants under their rear ends. This absolutely disgusts me! I don’t want to see your draws unless..well, this is a family oriented blog, but you get what I am saying I am sure.

Then we have the ladies with their tatas hanging out….OMG if you are selling it, wait til you leave the learning institution before your start advertising!

People need to remember that being covered leaves an air of mystery. Letting it hang out, or wearing clothes that are several sizes too small makes you look cheap at best. I am so sick of these people coming into classes dressed that way. It hurts my image and the image of the college its self.

People, if you can’t adequately cover your assets, stay at home please! No one wants to see your rear, your belly, your boobs, and so forth in public. If my big butt can keep myself well covered, any one can!

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