Down with work

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Jul 292014
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“I do not like work, even when someone else does it.” Mark Twain

work‘Work’  I struggle with with the word. It’s supposed to be something to respect and admire. You work to earn your daily bread and pay the bills. I’m OK with taking responsibility for myself and doing what it takes to earn that paycheck, Where I have trouble is liking that activity. If they have to pay me to be there, what makes anyone think I should like working? Society wants it all to be simple. Work is proper and satisfying. Work is what you do most of the time so you can play some of the time. The problem is that it is still work and most of the time is a lot of time. Then I retired and life got more complicated.

At first it was a relief not to have to drive 25 miles to sit in a place with uninteresting people and pretend to believe that the projects I was assigned were important. It was fantastic to wake up each day knowing that I did not have to go anywhere or do anything but that didn’t last. It seems that somewhere along the line, I started to believe that my value was defined by what I was hired to do. If I wasn’t being paid, did that mean that I was worth nothing? It was troubling. Continue reading »

Jul 072014
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Tech problems abound in this coots house lately.  Hopefully most are solved.  Today I am not going into the tech world however.  Today I am more than slightly pissed off about a couple of things that I received in the good old US Mail today.

This is not about my mail carrier or anything like that.  Don’t shoot the messenger and cliches like that, but it is only about 30 yards from my desk to the mailbox….

Anyway, I get 2 letters in the mail today that just got me fired up.  The first was from our new dentist.  Some quick background, our old dentist just retired and he was of the old school that still used handwritten bills.  He didn’t charge very much and was fair about getting paid.  But he retired.  NOw we have this new guy.  Not a bad dentist but after this letter today I have serious misgivings about his office staff.  That is where I should be hiring out, to fix the bungling load of BS that some people let their office get into.
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Jul 072014
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black friday
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Do you get caught up in the business of what has become common in these here United States and gone forth into the great unknown that is Black Friday?  You know you get a newspaper chocked full of advertisements to make your kids drool and then you head out into the cold early in the morning (or late at night) to get a “deal” on these things?

Well as I type this it is almost 7am.  decent people should be asleep or just waking up if you are one of those “morning” type people.  I am not one of those.  Still, Toys R Us opened on Thanksgiving night at 2200, sorry, 10 pm to let the sales start.  Walmart started selling stuff at 1201 am.  Sometimes I am still amazed at the lengths that parents go to to make Christmas special for their kids.  (*note, this is a stock picture and not of the toys r us I was at.  if it were, I would have started about beyond the picture at least double if not triple the people that are shown here*)

Tonight I saw some very interesting points of Humanity.  I saw grumblers and malcontents waiting in line with the placid and the comical, all hoping to get inside the store before the 12 degrees afforded to us by a doozy cold front froze parts that we would rather have not frozen.  I saw people just grabbing things, for the sole purpose that they were on sale and then proceeding to misread the 20 items or less sign and seem to see an extra zero on it.  I could blame fatigue, but it was on 0230 at that point.

One thing I didn’t see was people fighting over things.  I have always heard stories of things coming to blows over a toy or a movie, but I didn’t see any of that.  I guess the earlier times opening helped out with that.  I also saw people in relatively good spirits.  People who were forced to be together by the commercialness that Christmas has become.  But most people were nice to each other, or ignored most everyone else (like I did) while plugged into my MP3 player.  I thought at one point that there was some hope, albeit small and shrunken like the raisin you find under the stove next spring, that humanity can endure.

So yes I fell, no jumped, into the quagmire that is Black Friday and came out tired but unscathed on the other side.  It made me all the more happy that we decided to have our kids make gifts for each other and for the Grandparents.  It beats waiting in the cold.  And then I got a call from my wife that you could get darn near everything online for the same price.  What a load of crap.

I would so love it if anyone reading this would regale us with tales of Black Friday present or Black Friday past.  The comment section is lonely and wants to hear from you.  Yes you, guy in the red shirt, leave a comment!  And then please share via one of the many exciting social networking sites listed below.

Thanks for reading, I can’t wait to hear your stories.


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Jul 072014
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English: Barack Obama delivers a speech at the...

I have noticed a trend in my email lately.  No not the typical SPAM about a dead relative to leave me money, or even the ones about Obama changing laws to get car insurance for $3 a month or some ridiculous thing.

I have noticed that many of those emails come in, from the future.  That’s right, the future.  Hours or even days into the future.  Now, I am not really sure why I have been chosen to be a prognosticator of deals and money forgotten by some millionaires in other countries, but I am.  I am able to tell my SPAM fortune.

It seems that I can also predict (somewhat) how Google will look at this post.  Thanks to Bob I know know I have to ramble on about this for another 150 words or so, inserting links and pictures as they come.   Or should I?  Hold on, I will check my email and see if the future holds anything  that will help us in the search engine rankings.

Nope, nothing is there, but I can make untold riches with this new system that will generate $2460 per day.  That would be helpful.  Not likely, but helpful.

So, now I have a question.  To all of you out there, do you get mail from the future or is it just me?  If you are getting mail from the future then I am no longer special and will have to, well, do something.  But I would still like to hear from some of you out there.

And another question, who sends these things and who writes the programs that allow people to see into the future and send me the email?  Why can’t they use that power and send me the winner of the Superbowl and the world series so that I can bet on them?  I guess their power does not go that far….cheeky bastards.

let me know your thoughts.



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Jul 072014
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Travel is broadening

At least that’s what I hear. That may be true but this coot came back a few pounds lighter than when I left on my trip. Whether it is due to all that walking, I can’t say. I do know that there was plenty of great food to eat in Venice but I kept it under control.

I don’t think that’s the real meaning of the saying however. I think they are talking about understanding people and customs as much as your waistline and I did discover some interesting things about Italians that bear serious consideration, like those long lunches. Other aspects of the Italian lifestyle leave me bewildered however. And they seem to center around the bathroom.

Venetians seemed pretty normal

In spite of the exotic environment but once I saw the bathroom in the Venice apartment, I started looking over the men pretty carefully. They seemed to have the usual equipment in the usual places but you would never know it from the convenience I found in our bathroom. I finally reached an accommodation about how to use the darn thing but they sure didn’t make it easy.

Yeah, I do know about those bidet things and I strongly believe that the left side of my device might be one of them. I always thought I knew what they were for but close examination left me baffled about how to use it. I didn’t worry about it because those things are for women but I was still curious. Thinking that my wife would automatically know what to do with it, I asked her. “Beats me.” she said. “There is no seat so I just left it alone.” No help from her.

I played with the controls without a single insight. It looks like a waste of good money to me but I’m not here to judge. There must be some secret that Italian women learn and keep to themselves. After all, if it was any good, every American bathroom would have one. No need to make it my problem.

a Venetian crapper

What would you do with this thing?

It’s the other half of that thing that really bugs me. I know what it’s for. What I can’t figure out is how in the world is a man supposed to use it. Let me explain.

Toilets in America are designed to accommodate men and women with their different equipment. What that means is that toilet bowls are generally oval or at worst round. The little beauty in our apartment was indeed oval but it was oval in the wrong dimension (wide rather than deep) providing no accommodation for male apparatus and making taking care of business much more complex and messy.

I was unable to discuss this problem with any Italians due to my inability to speak Italian but I found myself examining the anatomies of Italian men. Were they built different from American’s? I could see that they are generally shorter but I can’t believe that that is the explanation In addition, in spite of our stereotypes, Italian men (or at least Venetians) are generally lean. Short and skinny might work on that toilet but unless Italian men are assembled differently, I don’t believe it helps that much. There is just no way to sit on that thing and do your business when it involves both number one and number two without leaving a puddle on the floor. I can’t believe that this is what anybody wants.

My solution to this problem was to stand for number one and sit for number two. It isn’t what I’m used to and certainly not my preference but not having to clean the bathroom floor was a sufficient reward. I had an opportunity to experience other bathrooms in Venice and discovered that in public places, men were not provided a bidet. And I discovered that there are some toilets that provide the proper accommodation for the male anatomy to sit comfortably. I feel much better about Italians as a result.

Whatever the criteria involved in selecting the bathroom equipment in our apartment, it seems that Italians are normal human beings after all. It does make we wonder about our hosts- the American owners of the apartment we rented. It may not be an Italian problem after all.

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