Feb 232015
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I am not as old as Ralph.  I was too young to remember all of the good things in the ’70’s.  I do remember MTV’s launch, Reagan’s inauguration and the Challenger disaster.  I have also seen the country turn into a nearly spineless glob of crap.  People will say we are strong.  Well we were.  Clinton came along and shut down so much military that we are not the crushing powerhouse we used to be.

Good thing the rest of the world has deteriorated as well.  I am here at 36 years old looking back at how we have brought drugs, rap music and that bull-crap “Green” movement to the country.  For some reason the last 15 years or so have been filled with people spouting sewage about how it is everyone’s fault that we have nice things.

If you don’t have those stupid twisty light bulbs and high efficiency toilets you are a bad bad person!  Unplug your TV at night so it doesn’t take .005 cents worth of electricity.  I refuse to do this.  I leave my computer on all night too.

I miss my 1977 V8 Ford Pickup that got 8 miles to a gallon if I was lucky.  That sucker had some torque and power.  I saw a show on the Travel Channel the other day where they were still using the styrofoam containers at the McDonalds in Italy.  I miss those.

I am thoroughly convinced that my Great Grandfather would fall over dead if he saw how this country was going.  Of course he would be in jail for assaulting the guy that came by telling him he couldn’t water his lawn that much or how his fertilizer was not “approved”.  Knowing my Grandpa, he would probably lynch the sucker in his apple tree.

I hate being part of this generation of pussification.  I am about sick to death of going green.  I am tired of the city where I live wanting everyone to recycle but only picking up the can every other week.  I am only recycling less than half of what I could.  And why bother.

Like our good friend Howard Beal, “I’m Mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore!”  I am going to go burn something in my backyard.  I have a firepit, and as long as you “cook” something on it they don’t complain.  There is a dog next door…..

To Yell at a Guru?

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Feb 232015
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Well for better or for worse, I have been looking at some nuts and bolts around here at the Coots site.  I have discovered in the course of events that Ralph has been writing much more than anyone else here.  Maybe he is just more dedicated or maybe he just has nothing better to do than to be an instigator.

Instigator in the dictionary of the coots should read: 1.  Ralph Carlson, see ralphcarlson.com 2.  The guy who has nothing better to do than come up with ideas for others to implement, see #1.  3.  A guy with too much time on his hands, see #1.  4.  Retired and needing to do something to stay away from his murderous-minded wife, see #1.

You have all read the origin story of the coots, from humble comment to site, comment made by, you guessed it, Ralph.  And as we grow and go forward he keeps coming up with stuff for us to do.  Maybe he has all the time he wants to sit and write for 2 blogs, his kids are grown and he doesn’t have medical issues that need major narcotics to deal with.  Or maybe he is just the Coots Guru that we need.  (see picture: Coots on a tire! which one is Ralph?)

I used to be able to keep up with him pretty good on postings and our numbers were fairly even.  Bob is so far behind that he is never going to catch up.  But now, I find myself 33 posts behind Ralph!  I know I was off for a while but good freaking grief in a kettle.  I know that numbers like that shouldn’t mean anything, my posts are far superior, well some of them at least, but just by sheer numbers I have to dub Ralph the Coots Guru.

And now, I have to decide to yell at him or not.  He is the patron saint of Cantankerousness here.  I think I will not yell today.  But I always have that option.  And now here is a real life question for you.  Is it permissible to yell at your Guru’s?  By that I certainly mean yell, but also disagree.  If you pick up a new program (much like my new stay at home dad program that will be launching soon) and you don’t agree with something in there, I would like the feedback for someone to leave me a profanity laden email cursing out generations of my family and telling me what I did wrong.

I will probably make fun of that person on Twitter but I am not opposed to the criticism.  We have the right to our own thoughts and the speech that comes from us protected under the Constitution and the First Amendment.  We also have the right, no the obligation to disagree with someone who we truly feel is wrong, see Declaration of Independence.  These are not new concepts.  These are not wild ideas that I have created.

We need to strive for the fortitude and the Cantankerousness to put out there what our minds conjure.  We need to read and understand others, to look at their ideas and programs, and then decide if they are for us or not.  And you don’t have to be mean about it, but sarcasm helps.

Have a great Thursday.


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