May 172012
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“Tinfoil hats” are usually associated with wild-eyed conspiracy theories and the nut jobs…like me, right?…that promote those theories. So far this show, and it’s predecessor The Political Coot, haven’t really done anything that would be associated with nut jobs,

Conspiracy Theory Overlap Diagram

Conspiracy Theory Overlap Diagram (Photo credit: Vince_Lamb)

conspiracies, tinfoil hats, or anything similar…yet.

It will come…maybe…probably eventually, but for now, here is a “what is it” about the show. Since the show is on here, at my Common Sense Conversation blog, and on my YouTube channel, I thought maybe I oughtta do a video telling folks what the show IS all about, since I’m obviously NOT a nut job…right?

See? I’m really not crazy, right?



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  2 Responses to “What’s this “Tinfoil Hat Club” stuff, anyway?”

  1. Bob,
    Nut job doesn’t begin to describe you.

  2. I understated the situation, eh?

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