May 182014
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For three over three years, Obama has waffled on human rights.

He supported the Arab Spring…but didn’t actually DO anything, and now we have a terrorist organization, that ignores rights, running Egypt.

He was all for going after Moammar Gaddafi, but seems afraid to act in Syria.

He doesn’t act, even in diplomatic support, when Iranians take to the streets, giving the United States and the world it’s best shot at stopping the Iranian nuclear weapons program…but he supports, and encourages, rag-tag groups of students, led by union organizers and American Socialist Party leaders, when they “Occupy” banks, crap on police cars, overrun restaurants and other businesses, and steal and rape other protesters among them.

He has failed to take a firm stand on human rights…but he can’t any longer.  A Chinese dissident has his back against the wall, and his choice is human rights or kiss some more Chinese ass:



Now…if you are like me, you don’t trust Obama to do the right thing regarding the topic in the video…but we, you and I, can…CAN…force his hand if we yell loud enough, so…

Start yelling…to congress, to the state department, and to the White House.

White House phone number:


State Department:

Public liaison office-202-647-8411

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  5 Responses to “Obama’s choice…free speech or bow to the Chinese…AGAIN”

  1. Bob.
    It does seem that our government is on the spot here. And lately I don’t have much confidence in how well it presents the American position. I can’t get over how a blind man is able to find the embassy.

  2. Interesting article, and I totally agree, unfortunately I couldn’t say I was satisfied with Obama’s steps. Although I am a natural born democrat, I think he should be much more consequent.

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