Aug 112013
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If you ever get that non-specific “pissed off” feeling you can’t find a specific source for about the way the United States is run, maybe this is why:



"The Price", a painting by Tom Lea, a WWII war correspondant

"The Price", a painting by Tom Lea, a WWII war correspondant


“I fell flat on my face just as I heard the whishhh of a mortar I knew was too close. A red flash stabbed at my eyeballs. About fifteen yards away, on the upper edge of the beach, it smashed down four men from our boat. One figure seemed to fly to pieces. With terrible clarity I saw the head and one leg sail into the air.

I got up… ran a few steps, and fell into a small hole as another mortar burst threw dirt on me. Lying there in terror looking longingly up the slope for better cover, I saw a wounded man near me, staggering in the direction of the LVTs (Landing Vehicle – Tracked). His face was half bloody pulp and the mangled shreds of what was left of an arm hung down like a stick, as he bent over in his stumbling, shock-crazy walk. The half of his face that was still human had the most terrifying look of abject patience I have ever seen. He fell behind me, in a red puddle on the white sand.”

You knew you were pissed off.  Now, maybe, you know why.

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  1. I love that poster you designed from that old WWII poster.

    OMG, the following paragraphs after “The Price” is so powerful I can practically visualize as I read the sentences.

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