Jun 022014
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Got my mojo working again.

I like the Christmas season. It’s great feeling those warm and wonderful urges to buy somebody a gift, eat too much and get all warm and fuzzy about those yearly roundups stuffed into Christmas cards. But enough is enough.

Back to reality.

mojoMost of the candy is gone, the leftovers are eaten and the packing trash hauled away. Slowly but surely, I can feel the old cantakerosity coming back. Last week I was worried that maybe it was gone for good and I would have to hang up the towel here at Cantankerous Old Coots. I have to confess that it is a great relief.

People age in different ways. Sometimes people age like a fine wine getting more and more mellow over time. Others take the wine of life experience and turn it into vinegar. Last month was making me worry that I was going out with a whimper. But now it seems there is still some vinegar left in this old Coot.

 How do I know?

You see after the euphoria about New Years and all the belated hoopla of the New Years Day bowl games the TV has finally gone back to regular news. At first it was a relief to listen to the pathetic drone of the interminal bad news but as I began to sift through all the drek I discovered something that really frosted my pumpkin. Those ridiculous Iowa caucuses are still not over.

It seems like years that the media have been talking about the Iowa caucuses. I had reached my limit long ago and was blissfully relieved when the seasonal stories pushed them into the background. “Surely nobody wants to know anything more about Iowa or the caucuses,” I kept thinking. But the networks believe otherwise. I guess if you live in the pathetic state Iowa, it’s your moment of glory. The moment when you get to make up for four years of neglect and abuse from the other 49 by inflicting your will on the political system.

 It’s not even an election.

It’s bad enough that we are stuck with Iowa setting the tone for the Presidential campaign but they can’t even manage a real election. They have this abomination called a caucus process where apparently you waylay unsuspecting voters over to your house and then harangue them into supporting your candidate. What are they afraid of in Iowa? Don’t they trust citizens to vote? It wouldn’t be so bad if it only affected Iowa. After all who cares about Iowa anyway? We can just build a fence to keep all the crazies in. The problem is letting them steer a course for the rest of us.

Been there.  Done that!

We’ve been down this road before, stuck with looser candidates, one of whom goes on to become President and drag us all down.

Anyway, I’m staying away from the TV until the dust settles and the damn caucuses are over. We will all be stuck with the damage of letting Iowa set our course but at leas I can forget about Iowa and what Iowans think for another four years. Blessed relief!

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