Nov 262014
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Out of work and need a little money? Have a kid you want to teach the principles of capitalism? Open a lemonade stand…right?



Show notes:

00:50  Housekeeping

02:00  Where and when to find The Ploitical Coot, AKA “The Show”

02:30  Today’s show focus

03:35  Persoal history with lemonade stands

04:35  Government interferes with lemonade stands – the beginning

05:00  Examples

09:20  Government should protect one business from another?

11:25  What IS a lemonade stand?

12:30  The list begins…and a politician calls the cops

15:15  At least one good lesson learned

16:15  The list continues

18:00  More government protecting a business from another business

20:18  Good one!

22:15  Another good one!  You can’t comply even when you comply!

23:15  Getting old.  Government protecting established business from…a kid run lemonade stand

24:05  St Louis health inspector flat out lies…about kids

25:12  An unbelievable example

26:10  What we teach our children.  Hilarious, if not so sad

Sources:  FOXNews, The Agitator, and moFreedom.

Be sure to come back for more of The Political Coot next week.  Live on Tuesday’s at 10am eastern time (look up in navigaton bar for a link), or the live show recorded and up as a post by noon the next day.


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  1. Bob,
    I feel like Rip Van Winkle. What happened to Spring and Summer? We still see lemonade stands in my neighborhood. Maybe there is hope for California after all.

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