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Hey Folks, Justin here.  I am coming to you live on what is one of the stupidest holidays in the entire world.  April Fools Day.  Informal though it may be, why do we still bother to “celebrate” something that most of the world doesn’t even truly know the origins of?  It seems there was a reference to it in Canterbury Tales back in 1392 that was badly translated and people were made to endure a full day of pranks and foolishness.

By the way kids, (notice I didn’t use that horrific BTW that has become so friggin’ popular.  That is a whole ‘nother rant) back in 527 AD Byzantine Emperor Justinian delcared that on April 2nd all Justin’s in the world should have homage paid and gifts of “gold, silver and precious things in great quantity.”  Check it out, that is tomorrow, I will just wait for all of the good things to roll in.

You see, that actually sound legit (almost) even though I made the whole thing up.  Much like April Fool’s Day.  My wife is currently preparing devious deceptions to taunt the kids with.  She loves it.  My kids love to play pranks and “get mom and dad”.  I don’t get it.  I have never really gotten it.  I don’t care to play pranks for the most part.  If I want to make someone look silly I can use words better than some silly prank.

So if you are into pranks, go for it.  Just know that there are some people out there who really don’t give the rear cavity of a rat about it.

On another note, Congrats again to Hansi for earning his degree from the Cantankerous Old Coots University.  he is now qualified to teach Cantankerosity and is an adjunct professor.  We will be featuring his first lesson next Tuesday, April 5.

And for the theme writing contest.  We have a clear winner this month with 4 votes to the 2 everything else got.  The topic that we will be writing on for the week of April 4th to April 8th is, (drumroll please) is, (no really, a drumroll here is appropriate) fine, with no drumroll the topic is Haiku.  We will just have to see what splendid and fascinating things that we can write about a simple Japanese Poem.

So that will be all today, go out and do something cantankerous.  Maybe just scream at someone who tries to pull a prank on you, or really fly off of the handle and make them cry.  That will be my goal, make a prankster cry.  Unfortunately, the only ones who will be around to pull pranks are the kids, and homework and chores make them cry anyway.  Good thing my new sink doesn’t have the separate sprayer anymore.

Thanks for reading, how are you going to get through today?


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Justin is the young Coot with a Cantankerous Soul who continues to be educated by older, more cootish Ralph and Bob. His Cantankerosity is his own.

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  12 Responses to “Hey! It’s April Fools Day! What a Load of Crap.”

  1. BTW Justin,
    I just want to add that when you are trying to communicate using text messages, it is very helpful to have those input saving shortcuts. Maybe they are inappropriate in a mature media like blogging, but I’ll leave that for another time.
    I, like you, are usually befuddled by pranks. I am slow to pick them up and awkward to respond.
    So here I am confused at your message. Is the whole message a prank or are you saying that April Fools Day is itself a prank, And I certainly can’t go back to the Canterbury Tales. They always claimed that it was English and I’ve never seen a translation. So as far as I’m concerned you can say anything you like about the Tales and I couldn’t challenge. So where do we send those gifts?

    • You see the problem with Canterbury tales, you have to translate English to English and that is where things get screwed up. All my info on Chaucer however comes from Wikipedia so take that for what it is worth. I was serious about the April Fools day stuff, the only thing I made up was Justinian day….still sounds good though.

  2. BTW Justin…April Fools may be idiotic, but it beats St Paddy’s Day. A whole day devoted to drunkenness and getting black and blue from pinches for not wearing green?


    Haiku? That’ll be a challenge…my poetry is still at the “Roses are red, violets are blue, my ass stinks, and so do you.” stage…

    • ST Patricks day is more fun than april fools even if it has become that stupid get drunk holiday. It is a big deal in Ireland and I try to look at it that way, like my ancestors would have. Maybe it’s just cause I don’t drink….

      And the poetry? you don’t actually have to write one, just write about one. check out @thecapnslappy on twitter for his “pi-ku’s” or his pirate haikus…some are really funny

  3. BTW I don’t mind it. Either the abbreviation or the holiday =)

    That said we don’t really celebrate it… I pulled a prank on my blog last year, haven’t bothered this time. Though I did get my brother earlier.

    It was really good actually – I told him I’d stolen his pokemon game and hidden it. It took him a minute to believe me, but he did and went to look. Of course, I’d done no such thing. Pranks for lazy people, have to love them. 😉

  4. Haiku? ya gotta be foolin’ me.

  5. Heather,
    That was evil.

  6. I had a quota to fill =)

    Its all ok! We both laughed! (for different reasons, but still)

  7. My little daughter likes to prank, too:) I don’t think if aprils’s fools’ day would have a defined origin, ist could be just an urban legend.

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