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Dec 082013
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I love October.  This is the month when it finally begins to cool down, (see last Wednesday’s post) and of course there is Halloween at the end.  I am not going to get into details about Halloween yet, that is another post.

October is a time where everything is wrapping up for winter.  It is a time when the trees start to change and get ready to sleep, when the bears begin to eat like crazy so they can make it through the winter, and the NFL is in full swing.

Raking leaves seems like a chore but as the paperboy lands the paper square on the porch and tips his cap to you can only smile and nod, because you are dreaming that you are in a Norman Rockwell painting.  Leaves are on the tree, and then they are on my lawn and hopefully my neighbors lawn.  I am just glad I have kids who are old enough to rake now.

Still October is a great time, the nights are cool, the days warm, deer season is open.  You can break out your jackets and wear knit caps to the local High School Football game without looking like a complete loser. (there are some kids that I have seen wearing knit caps when it was over 100 degrees this summer.  I think they have cooked their brains.)

I look forward to October every year.  I really like the fall.  September is still like late summer and November starts to get grey and blah looking.  October has to be one of the best months of the year.

Go out and rake some leaves, breathing deeply and letting that crisp air into your lungs.  See if it doesn’t make you want to head to the hills and do some hiking, or hunting.  Rabbit season is on here in Utah (check local regulations) too.

As for me, I think I will head outside too.  Let me know what you think of October in the comments below.



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  1. Now you’ve done it. I can see that Autumn heat wave coming back.

  2. This doesn’t sound very cantankerous.

  3. Justin is still recovering from his birthday. Check Sunday’s post.

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