Feb 152014
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I’m livid today. I have seen something I never dreamed of and it demonstrates the terrible peril our great country is in. California has a competitive race for governor this year. What this means is that regular Californians have noticed how bad things have gotten and are thinking for a change. The evil cabal of union thugs, political hacks and public employees that runs California is scared for a change. It is just possible that they may get whacked. But like any resourceful parasites they won’t let go- until they kill their host.

I’m infuriated at the party in control of California but my contempt for the challengers is even greater. Those losers haven’t done any better and yesterday they proved that representative government in California is dead. Both political parties sold the people of California down the river yesterday when the second of the debates between the candidates for governor was held- in incomprehensible Spanish.

There wasn’t much hype about this second debate – except that one candidate fired a wetback who had lied about being a legal resident. It shouldn’t be an issue – anywhere but California where 20% of our voters can’t be expected to understand English. So how to resolve the problem? How about a campaign debate on a Spanish language television network conducted entirely in Spanish with no translation. No, of course the candidates spoke English but we weren’t allowed to hear what they said because a Spanish translation was piped in. I have no idea what they said and my only recourse is the interpretation of the Sacramento Bee. Like I can trust them!

I don’t have much hope for California. The number of thinking voters who aren’t on the public dole – or the government payroll shrinks more each year but when both political parties will pander to citizens of another country in a foreign language who inexplicably seem able to vote and are valued by the political hacks of both parties, California might as well be dead. The economy is dead. We are poised to legalize pot and speakers of Spanish carry more weight than English speakers. It is all over! Let’s cut our the pretense. It won’t matter who wins the governor’s race this year. California is headed for third world status where voters are pawns for the politicos to play with.

If you don’t live in California, this is no time to be smug. California is the canary in the coal mine. If you care about this country then look at what is happening in your state and wake up before it is too late. You too may be speaking Spanish.


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  2 Responses to “Special Coot’s Alert – California dying: last rites said in Spanish!”

  1. Even after the event, nobody is apologizing to citizens. Pander to the wetbacks but screw the natives!

  2. I had forgotten this post completely. It’s a shock to read it almost four years after the fact but it is no shock to announce that things haven’t gotten any better here in the one-party state of California where we sleep walk through life. Outraged as I may have been at the time, I too can’t stay awake.

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