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Sep 282011
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Labor Day is a symbol of the great cancer of America today – Unions.

Coots like a three day weekend as well as anyone even though retired coots have three day weekends anytime they like even in the middle of the week. Labor Day used to be a nice transition between summer vacation and back to work and school in the fall. These days it is just a burp in the organized chaos that is 21st century America.

As a kid, it never had significance to me. My father explained that it was a holiday to celebrate workers. It made sense to me. Everybody I knew was a worker. It seemed like the American thing to do – honor everybody. I don’t remember ever doing anything other than a family get-together. Never attended a Labor Day Parade – or thought about anything deep regarding Labor Day– until this year while pondering the breakdown of the American economy.

But what does Labor Day really mean?

I started thinking about the name – Labor Day and I Googled it which led to the Wikipedia entry with these surprising facts. Grover Cleveland originated the holiday in capitulation to the labor unions back in the 1890’s. It was no different from the May Day celebrations of the communists – it just happened in September leaving most Americans totally ignorant about its sinister and un-American origin.

The Rape and Pillage of America

Over my lifetime, I have seen labor unions destroy American industry beginning with steel and culminating with the death gasp of the American automobile manufacturers this year with the union buyout of GM and Chrysler. What seemed in the 50’s to be a benign counter-balance to corporations has metastasized into a ravenous cancer whose only interest is member benefits. The death of American industry forced unions to move their focus into the next growth industry – government. As a government employee for over 30 years, I witnessed the forced unionization of all government workers in California. Because when the government is unionized, the fox indeed watches the hen house, union supported political hack elected officials have drained away the lifeblood of legitimate services to support unsustainable employee benefits leaving us with well-paid employees that produce nothing of value – witness our schools.

Unions never get enough – they even suck the corpses they killed.

The fiscal ruin of California is a good example of the great cost from unrestrained unions with unlimited ability to buy politicians and no accountability to their members about how they spend their booty. And it is no mystery that the unions have bought candidates for all elected posts to make sure they keep control of the corpse.

Join the Coot Freedom from Labor Day Movement!

This Coot will be celebrating Labor Day by cooking some tasty Missouri Style spare ribs with my family and anticipating some good Football games and crisp weather. Along with all the fun and frivolity, however, I am going to be celebrating my personal Freedom From Labor Day and starting a campaign to defeat every political hack that takes any union money this November. This Coot will be focused over the next two months in doing my part to take away the cancer of union control of our government, If you want to join the Coot movement to take back our country from union control, leave a comment and sign up for our mailing list. Down with Labor Day. Up with Freedom From Labor Day!

Oh, if you still like unions, let me know why?


Ralph is the inspiration for Cantankerous Old Coots and is our Grand Duke of Cantankerousness

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  1. Those unions do get me excited!

  2. I’d love to leave a comment about my opinion of unions, but I’ve vowed not to use that kind of language on the web.

    BTW…thanks for the writing prompt that resulted in the post CommentLuv turned up…and quit yer bitchin’…I talked about you (the term is “Buzzed”, isn’t it?) and linked to CoC as well, so there!…LOL


    • Sorry Bob you ended up in the spam filter, hopefully you will stay out of it now. Thanks for dropping by and for the links! You will be one of us soon. (jedi hand wave) Very soon.

  3. Bob,
    One of the challenges for a Coot is communicating what you really feel without getting too off-color (I suppose we can’t even say off-c0l0r any more but WTF), More people need to start talking about what is taking our country down the tubes so even if you feel that your vocabulary is constrained, add your voice here. Somebody needs to be speaking out. Wouldn’t it be nice if it were the people who actually know something?

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