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Nov 172016
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It’s one thing to be cantankerous when the world seems under control and quite another when you are sinking into chaos.  The past year has revealed the mission of the progressive takeover of the Democratic party as our President continueimagesd the destruction of the American way.  Cocky and rebellious is fun when you still have hope that all is not lost. Cocky and rebellious sucks when one by one the lifeboats sink and the ship goes farther
and farther under water.

Trump was not my first choice for President and I was so mindf***ed by the chimera of Republican orthodoxy that he seemed not only a ridiculous choice but an impossible one.  Despite my despair at the state of government after 30 years of Republican refusal to stand for principles and the progressive encroachment on every aspect of American life, I still had some faith in the self-identified  conservative aristocracy which had claimed to know the way even though they refused to take any action.

Today I am liberated.  I cancelled my subscriptions to ‘conservative’ publications.  I reject virtually everybody that I had respected and I unabashedly endorse and support Donald Trump to make our country great again.


Ralph is the inspiration for Cantankerous Old Coots and is our Grand Duke of Cantankerousness

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  1. We must learn to respect the decision made my America and respect the new-elect president as a human,as his right,we are all equal when it comes to this matter,don’t we?

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