It’s Father’s Day!

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Feb 232015
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Nothing important in wussified America

Father’s Dayi is the least hyped holiday of the year because America has written off fathers. Father’s get no respect. Father’s get no adulation! Father’s can’t win in today’s wimpified, testosterone hating culture smog.  Fatherhood today is  only good for a laugh.

No news report for this week.

I”m passing on the news this week for a rant about the degradation of fatherhood in today’s society. Why do we celebrate Father’s Day while father’s have become a joke and manhood a distant memory. Nobody respects men or fathers anymore and that’s the truth.

Fatherhood is marginalized, trivialized and mocked every way you look.

When Father mattered

It’s hard enough being a man these days because the deck is stacked against you. I’ve lived through the whole process because back in the 50’s when I grew up, father’s ruled. Dad was important whether you loved him or hated him. He supported the household,;he ruled the roost; he took care of mom; he protected the family. Back in those days, the culture was filled with strong, admirable and wise fathers. Father Knows Best, Leave it to Beaver, Ozzie and Harriet were TV shows that featured a wise, confident and loving father figure. Kids watching those shows might recognize failings in their own fathers but they could see that the intent was there. Dad might not be Ward Cleaver but he kept the lights on, food on the table and the wolf from the door. He also did his best to make sure you didn’t do every foolish thing that seemed so important to you at the time.

Then the world went mad. 

Then came the 60’s where the seeds were planted and the 70’s when the wheels came off the bus, culturally speaking. Woman’s lib and feminism went beyond opening careers and life options to women and invested in a campaign to destroy men. To feminists, men were the reason for the ‘oppressive’ state of women, stuck in the kitchen- barefoot and pregnant with no way to matter in life. To do this theny needed to destroy men and the family. They succeeded so well that we all believed it was progress.

A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle

The general idea was that the only reason that women stayed in the home was male oppression. Men and women were exactly the same- except for the plumbing. At least that is how it started but soon, the libbers discovered that women were actually superior because they didn’t have all that nasty testosterone. During the Vietnam War, you would always hear how men were the cause of every problem including war.  It was easy to  blame our involvement on the nasty male nature. If women were in charge, no such silliness would be tolerated. We would all just get along.  The world would be perfect.  Just neuter all the men.

Looking back it is easy to see what a silly lie it all was- and how devastatingly effective it was in wimpifying America. Many men got suckered into intense guilt about being in charge. They needed to show that they weren’t oppressors. They needed to be sensitive and show their sensitive side. And inside they were relieved to learn that they didn’t have to take responsibility for anything. It wasn’t their job to take care of a woman or a family. That was oppression.  They could just relax, enjoy themselves and let the world go to hell in a hand basket. Women could fend for themselves. It was so liberating.

I recovered  slowly

It took me years to get over this confusion and realize that although my wife was intelligent, had her own career and could take care of herself, we were both much better as a team then we were as individuals. In fact all the while the kids were at home, she was constantly prodding me to be the man. It was only with difficulty that I began to step up to my job.

These days with with so many children being raised by single mothers- with the glorification and financial backing of government, I wonder if it will be possible to restore the institution of fatherhood and the importance of men to a free society. Having lived through the devaluation and being a willing participant, I understand the siren call of irresponsibility and self-indulgence. But I also appreciate the satisfaction of having my kids tell me how much they respect me now that they are grown. Along the way I suffered. When my first born stopped talking to me in high school, it was hard to believe that I was doing the right thing. It wasn’t until after he moved out on his own that we gradually began to talk again. Fatherhood is no picnic but at this stage in my life, it’s the only thing I did that still has meaning. How ever valuable I may have believed myself to be at work, few people at my old workplaces know who I am or care. My son’s are my legacy.

So today on Father’s Day, I just want all fathers to enjoy the most important responsibility of their life- taking care of their families. Do what you think is right and don’t despair when it all seems to go terribly wrong. It does matter. Your wife needs you- whatever Gloria Steinem might say and your children, both sons and daughters need to know what a strong man is: a role model for sons and an inspiration for daughters when they seek a mate.

There is nothing wrong with strong women but there is definitely something wrong with  weak men and that is the legacy of woman’s liberation. Don’t buy into it!

These days with with so many children being raised by single mothers- with the glorification and financial backing of government, I wonder if it will be possible to restore the institution of fatherhood.  Are we still raising men that can take care of themselves and their families?  I hope so but I wonder if it is too late.


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