I am a tool.

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Feb 232015
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Rum balls

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I feel like a real tool here. I barely even read my own blog. I may as well bequeath the whole damn thing to Ralph and give up.  I finally looked today, Thursday and found out there was a whole great post from Wednesday that I had no idea existed.  It is getting hectic this time of year and I am not weathering it well.

I would admit to getting older and being more decrepit but I think Ralph has shown all of us that you can be an old fart er retired and still be reasonably in control of your mental faculties.  This time of year is about to kill me.

From figuring out gifts to getting to all of the parties and miscellaneous bull crap that come on at this time of year.  I am not going to dwell too long on this, I just don’t have that much to say on the matter.

I need some heavy duty doses of sleep and caffeine, not at the same time of course, that would defeat the purpose of each.

I hope your holiday season is not driving you to drinking or at least excessive drinking.  And lay off the rum balls.

Anyway, have a good weekend, it will all be over in 2 weeks.


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