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Feb 232015
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Smart People are always wrong
One thing I have learned over my lifetime is that everything we think we know is wrong. And if you don’t believe it, just wait ten years and compare what you know to be true now with what you knew to be true then. After a while it all blurs. I think it was in the 80’s when the smart people were saying that we were headed for a new ice age. If you notice, it didn’t happen. Then recently those same smart people were telling us that the climate was changing and that we were all going to burn up if we don’t go live in a cave. Last year was the coldest winter on record for some time. Then there was the Club of Rome back in the 70’s that said we were running out of resources and that civilization would run into the ground by the 90’s. We haven’t heard much from those folks lately either and it you notice despite the prodigious efforts of our politicians,.civilization is still keeping on.

Education affects their brains in bad ways
It seems that education somehow affects the brain and causes people with too many degrees to believe that they actually know something. And the worst part of it is that once they convince themselves that they are on to the truth, it becomes their mission to make sure that stupid people like you and me don’t mess things up. If they had to rely on their own abilities, the world would be safe, because these smart people, by and large, are not very powerful. They use big words. They write incomprehensible reports and they don’t like to mix with the common folk. Lucky for them, the government is so entrenched in the funding of research that our elected officials buy into their agenda like hogs at a trough.

Politicians are like drunken whores- they bend over
Politicians are not smart, they are canny. They suck up to their constituents and try to reflect the character and opinions of their districts. But they really want to be with the smart people and so they will bend over like drunken whores to get included in the smart people gatherings. This bending over usually involves legislation that forces us to do whatever the smart people think will solve the big problem of the day. The smart people love it when they can make us stupid ones behave and so to accomplish this aim they will put up with the politicians even though they aren’t smart. Tale Al Gore, for example.  Watch him for 5 minutes and tell me that he is smart.

Today too many people think they are smart
In the past, this situation stayed under control because most voters were quick to vote out of office, anybody that went off the reservation. Not so today. Higher education has become so available and so perverted over the last 20 years that everybody thinks they are one of the smart people because they went to college. Nobody tells them that learning to be an accountant is just like learning to be a plumber or an auto mechanic. Accountants are considered special because they went to college while plumbers are just tradesmen. With so many people going to college which has been downgraded to trade school, there are just too many people who now think they are smart. And these pretend smart people no longer use common sense to make judgments. They listen to the real smart people or worse to the bent over politicians. So now there is nothing to check the egos of the smart people and the whoring of the politicians because common sense is considered stupid.

Smart People and Politicians are a deadly combination
What I know now is that unless something changes we are doomed to live in a world where we are required by law to conform to whatever new doom predictions the smart people devise. They will continue to be wrong, although one of the prerogatives of being one of the smart people is that they never have to say they are sorry. They just stop talking about the old problem and start talking about the new one. The problem is the regulations and legislation to save the world from the last crisis will not go away and our freedom and opportunity becomes smaller and the power of the smart people becomes ever more oppressive.


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Oct 302011
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Cover of "Invasion of the Body Snatchers&...

Cover of Invasion of the Body Snatchers

Burned out with politicians

I don’t think there is any group of people for which I have more contempt and frustration today than politicians. Now it is always easy to have contempt for the politicians on the ‘other’ side. I’m not talking about that. The politicians I really can’t stand are those that pretend to be on my side of the political spectrum. To a man (at COC we very strongly take the position that the pronoun ‘man’ is generic and includes both sexes without discrimination) every politician seems to undergo some ‘Invasion of the Body Snatchers‘ moment after election and become an alien who speaks in code, has no honor and thinks that voters are dumber than doorknobs. From my side of the politics, it’s hard to know if voters on the other side feel the same way about their politicians. Since they are dumb enough to vote those lying scum bags into office, it is hard for me to imagine that they would even notice how they are betrayed and misled. Still, I suspect that this contempt for politicians goes beyond party affiliation or political philosophy. I think we all know, whichever side we are on that the people we send to Washington are worthless dirt bags. We rationalize the stupidity of our behavior by saying that our worthless dirt bags are better than the other side’s worthless dirt bags.

And so we feel OK.

The whole election process is so grueling and demeaning that real human beings turn away in horror from the idea of running for elected office. Our candidates are all masochists, psychopaths or suckers and getting elected takes them to full out sociopath level. Trying to find a real , sincere human being on the ballot is a hopeless task. Which brings me to Herman Cain.


I know that some will reject Mr. Cain outright because they can’t support a candidate who thinks that Americans can do better without all the government intervention. But I’m asking all you government-dependent suck ups to cool your jets for a moment and just consider the man himself. If he has managed to score in the polls, it’s not because he’s a union whore dependent on the labor leaders. There aren’t any big corporate sponsors either. And all you have to do is listen to the man for a moment to know why. No filters! No pandering to special interests. No layers of political speak.

He’ll never make it to the finish line.

Have you wondered how and why the country has gone loony over the last 50 years? Granted , you have to have a few years under your belt to actually know what this country used to be like but I believe that even a relatively young 40 year old knows that America is not the home of the free when smokers are forced to huddle in the alley under an umbrella to get a smoke and it is illegal to smoke a cigarette in a city park because of the horror of second hand smoke. I don’t smoke. I have never smoked. I hate the smell of cigarette smoke and always request non-smoking hotel rooms. But I know that the American way of life is dead when people are not free to light up a fag. Free enterprise invented smoking and non-smoking zones and life went on without jackbooted thugs to make sure that no whiff of smoke ever inadvertently entered your lungs.

So three cheers for Herman Cain

So even if Herman Cain was not a creature on my side of politics, I’d be singing his praises as a real human being and wishing him well with his political career. If only there were more honesty and transparency in politics and politicians maybe we wouldn’t have the mess we have today and maybe there would be elected officials that we could really like and respect.

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Ralph is the inspiration for Cantankerous Old Coots and is our Grand Duke of Cantankerousness

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