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Hey all readers of the coots!  Tuesday has been an empty hole around here so today we are going to change that.  If you have been under a rock lately and the only ray of sunshine has been the writings of the coots you may have missed the fact that all three of us have our own blogs that we write on.  Over there to the right under each of our pictures are the latest posts from our RSS feeds but I think there needs to be even more.

So starting here, today, you are going to get a whole bunch of links to each of our sites, to help you get familiar with the wonderful posts from the past week.  This one is a bit longer than most will be (except Ralph’s) but here it goes!

First, we have Bob writing for 2 blogs of his own making.  The first one is Juicy Maters over at www.juicymaters.com

An article about gardening and canning and bringing back some of the “old” ways.  Click Here.

Next, a survey to help Bob figure out what he is doing.  Click Here.

And finally, a treatise on dirt and planting with a bit of coding and programming tossed in. (Bob is complex)  Click Here.

Bob also has moved all of his political stuff over to his new blog at www.common-sense-conversation.com

Check out these articles:

First, Bob gets going on politicians again.  Click Here

He then goes on a couple of people who would like to be president but are not going to make it.  Click Here

And then to taxes….We all have to pay them and it is time to reflect on what they mean.  Click Here


Ralph has loads of information about old things….Retirement, nostalgia and the like.  Check out some great stuff he has written on over at www.ralphcarlsonblog.com

First up is a post about new ideas…hopefully you can get some from here.  Click Here.

Next we have one of my favorite bands, and one that gets confused for the Beatles quite often.  The British invasion had so much more to offer than the Beatles, like the Dave Clark 5!  Click Here

Next Ralph tried to post a home video of his trip to Lake Tahoe but it looks like it was yanked for copyright infringement!  Go Ralph, you Rebel!  Click Here to join this madness.

And finally a post about your perfect day.  Click Here.

And bringing up the rear (sweeping up after the horses as it goes) is me!  My blog is over at www.justinsbrainpan.com.

First up, an overview of our new family adventure in Geocaching!  Click Here.

Next, a post about my kids, and how they are growing up.  Click Here

And today, a silly poem about a fish.  Click Here.


There you have it for this week, Next Tuesday will be more and possible some from deep in the archives of our blogs.  Thanks for reading.





Justin is the young Coot with a Cantankerous Soul who continues to be educated by older, more cootish Ralph and Bob. His Cantankerosity is his own.

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Cantankeriffic Week in Review 1. 4/23/10

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Jan 012014
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If you are a long time reader to the Cantankerous Old Coots, you have nearly completed 1 month of irregular reading!

Congratulations, your education in being a coot is in full swing.   Here is some good and bad news.  The good news is that we are continuing to rise in popularity.  People are coming by and reading our blog.  The bad news, Ahh there is no bad news.

I did have to face some hard truths over the past week.  Namely, I need to be a whore to SEO.  In case you missed it, I AM NOW A WHORE TO SEO!  In order to comply with this, there is now a schedule for posts on Cantankerous Old Coots.

Ralph has informed me that this is a less than cantakerous path to take, but in the interest of making this blog a flagship destination for the rest of the world, I had to do it.  We will publish posts on Monday, Wednesday and Friday with a digest post reminding you of this weeks links on Saturday.  Also very SEO whorish.

There will also be an occasional extra post through the week like Ralph had in his lambasting of Earth Day.  Bravo Ralph, we were all thinking it, you just put it out there forever.

So, in case you missed this week because the rock you were under was just too big, Here is what you missed on Cantankerous Old Coots:

Monday April 19: Ralph took us down memory lane with a clip from The Graduate in his post, Equal Opportunity Cantankerosity-The Feminine Side

Wednesday April 21: Justin declared war on pests and vermin in his post, No Quarter Given for Vermin.

Thursday April 22: A special edition of the coots, Ralph slaps the Earth around with, Down With Earth Day.

And finally, Friday April 23: Justin had a flash of Cantankerosity at an ad in a magazine that spawned, Down With Dumb Car Technology

If you are reading this post, you don’t need a link to it.

We are looking forward to much more Cantankerous content in the weeks to come.  Ralph has a doozy planned for Monday.

Remember Guest Cantankerousness is always welcome!  E-mail us your submission!

Thanks for reading.



Justin is the young Coot with a Cantankerous Soul who continues to be educated by older, more cootish Ralph and Bob. His Cantankerosity is his own.

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